Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hearts On Fire is Finished! 9/11/2016

Hello Everyone and Bright Blessings! I came in to finally update y'all about the latest news... "Hearts On Fire" is finished and is in the editing process, and will be published by this weekend, if not sooner! I am working on editing the paragraphs so that they look accurate on Amazon's KDP  Previewer. I originally uploaded the files and then went to preview the manuscript, and found gaps, spaces, and cut off sentences all over the place which really got on my nerves, so the whole file got transferred to my old Windows program, which has always worked fine in the past. I do not like the Word Online program, it does not give me the right size of page layouts and it is a pain to work with.
So get ready to see the inferno start in the Romance and Fantasy department of Amazon, when Hearts On Fire makes it debut, as it is my intention to set the world on fire with my new book! This is a short post, meant to just be an update. I have my final college exams to do this week, and after Sept. 13th I get a break from coursework. So I will have more time to write, and do other things. Until Then, Have a great week everyone, and I will return soon.  

Sunday, August 7, 2016

A new era is coming... 8/7/2016

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings, I have fantastic news to report. The first installment of "Hearts On Fire" is "this close" to being finished! Last night I made it to page 196, with a robust 64,697 words written so far. I will not go into details per se, but let us say the merging between Tristan and Lucan was a rather brutal scene, it was actually hard to write and I even got a bit emotional while typing out the particulars, as that sort of thing isn't really up my alley of things to write about. However, the resulting scene that came afterwards was really uplifting, and Serena Drake has just gotten herself a jaw dropping eyeful of one drop dead sexy, newly merged Dragon God, but she is not too sure she likes the new and improved Tristan all that well just yet. How I wish I could somehow procure a picture of what that might look like, but when you all read the slick details you will get the idea. Oh, and the previous plans of Lucan and the High Elder have been unveiled in a very unconventional twist of events. In the world of Dragons and Humans, nothing is conventional and nowhere near "normal".

The world of Draconia and the human realm is set to be dawned upon a new era, as Dragon and Human worlds merge together, and it all begins with the birth of a Princess,who is unlike anything the society of Draconia has seen for centuries. The Dragon Goddess will come into her own, and when the love of Twin Flame Mates reaches it's full manifestation, it will set the world of Human and Draconia ablaze. The question is, will two destined hearts burn with passion, or will they scorch everything to ash? I will leave you all to chew on that bit of fat, and also to gaze upon the new cover art for the second book, here ye go....

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Closer To Completion...

Hello Everyone and Bright Blessings! I said I would return soon with a more fleshed out update. Well as of yesterday, "Hearts On Fire" is up to 157 pages and 51,641 words thus far. A new mystery character by name of "Darius", has  recently had his secretive identity revealed. There's a bittersweet story behind who he is, but I am not allowed to tell you that here, you'll have to read the book to find out! Serena has suffered a potentially debilitating setback, and situations at the current moment are rather harrowing for the cast and characters of Hearts On Fire.
I have decided to split the story into two books, as there is suddenly so much flaming hot new material to add, that trying to cram it all into one book would mushroom this into a 500 page behemoth, if I were to keep on writing. I am already looking at over 200 pages, and that is really stretching out a romance story into what to some might be considered a rather long read. I got carried away, scenes transferred over to the fingers, and fired up the keyboard, the muse was dancing on her bed of coals and chanting like a siren in my head, so now I have a lot of material that I need to pare down a bit. Hmm...maybe a lot... either way, if I continue on the current writing trend, I just might have this book finished and published by August (?)... I don't want to sit here and possibly jinx myself by predicting a published-by date just yet... The next title to the ongoing story will be "The Dragon Goddess", and I am itching to get a cover image created for it, however I have five written assignments, and two quizzes for Business Management classes, to have turned in by midnight on this coming Tuesday, so any other artsy endeavors are going to have to wait.
I have done a hand numbing amount of writing this last few weeks, the college assignments have to be at least 800 words a piece, and by the end of this midterm, I will have written another book's worth of nearly 64,000 words on average, in just written assignments! Now times that by the next 23 months.... that will be at least 368,000 words, if not more, and that translates into nearly six books worth of assignments written by the time I graduate. Imagine if I actually save all those written assignments, and create books from those? Now there's a thought... I am going to have to go for now, those assignments are not going to write themselves, and the muse that dances on the bed of hot coals that has become "Hearts On Fire", is calling my name again.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hearts On Fire Update 7/20/2016

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings. I realize it has been weeks since I was here last, however there have been a plethora of changes for me in the last couple of months that have pretty much kept me hopping and keeping up with blog posting has taken a slight setback. Rest assured the book writing is still in progress, just going a bit slow.
As for Lucan, Serena, and the cast of "Hearts on Fire" life is about to take a wild turn into the unknown, as the date for the merging draws near, the tension in the air is so thick you could cut it with one of Lucan's Damascus blades, as if it were a slice of bread. Tristan is still healing in the Healer's Ward, and Lucan and the High Elder have just begun the implementation of a secret plan of their own machination, possibly at the cost of their own souls and place in the Higher Realms, if it means Lucan can be part of Serena's life forever. How far will a dragon truly go, to preserve the love he holds in his heart for his most priceless treasure? Can you defy the High Creator in such a way,without damning your soul to the Abyss for eternity? We shall soon find "Hearts On Fire " continues to blaze across the pages and comes to an end that will make a dragon's breath feel like a cool breeze.

As for "The Darkened Path: Shades Of Twilight", that book is on hiatus for a bit, as I compile notes and information to edit together. I am on chapter 3, and somewhat in a bind about how to proceed at the moment. The rattling specter that was clanging about to be set free, has decided to go quiet and not provide any musings for me to write about. I am sure it will decide to clank its chains and provide some feedback fairly soon.  If you haven't read any of my books yet, I'd suggest you pick up The Darkened Path Book 1  and start your journey today. There are currently 4 books in the series, so there is a fair amount to keep one reading well into the late hours, while I finish the next installment! I m going to go for now, there is yet more writing to be done, and I shall return as soon as I am able.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Writing Update 5-31-2016

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings! I hope everyone is doing well? I have been quite busy with writing content articles for my Crowd Content writer's account, and making some much needed side money. To date I have written 19 short articles for them, and I have made $63.00. No that does not sound like a lot, however I recently just started accepting work from them. Some articles pay $2.40 per 200 words, and then there are some that pay higher amounts. The last article I wrote was 800 words long and explained the basic structure of a argumentative essay for college students,that paid me  a decent $16.00. Realistically that is more pay than just one Kindle or Paperback book sale pays from Amazon, so in actuality I am making more per "sale" from working for a content writing service. I would have to sell several copies of my books to get to $63.00 on Amazon if you go by their royalty payment scale. I get paid every two weeks from Crowd Content if the payment threshold reaches $10.00. I have applied to other content writer services that are looking for freelance writers, so hopefully soon my side income will become a more stable venture,and I finally get to see more money flowing. Being a writer is my dream, and I am extremely determined to make a full time living from it someday.
Writing on my book series has obviously taken a downturn, due to my sudden need to be making it rain, but The Darkened Path series is far from forgotten, and the next scene of Hearts On Fire is percolating in my mind. Dragons are difficult creatures to write about, and Lucan Drake is definitely not your average scaly serpent.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A new book for "The Darkened Path" series.

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings! Tonight I began a new venture onto "The Darkened Path" series. This idea for the new book has been "haunting" me for awhile, and I finally was seized with the "spirit" to start writing on this new book. As of this minute, I have 41 pages and 10,126 words added into it and written out. Since "Hearts On Fire" is steadily picking up steam and heading towards completion, I needed to hurry and find something new to write. "The Darkened Path:Shades Of Twilight" has been a two page rough draft on my Word documents for months now, because I wasn't even sure if I really wanted to write this one. There are literally hundreds of books out there on paranormal type subjects, but I felt a strong compulsion to write my own contribution to that area of metaphysical study, and I always follow the muse wherever it decides to lead me. The muse said "Paranormal, Ghosts, Demonic Possession," so into that deep, mysterious, dark abyss of the unknown, is where I currently am heading. What inspired me the most? I am a huge fan of the original "Ghost Hunters", "Paranormal State" and "Ghost Adventures" TV shows..  I have also had several of my own personal experiences with what would be considered "paranormal phenomena."  
When I opened the document and started reading those two pages, I just started typing, words and paragraphs fired off my fingers at warp speed, and I had my browser open researching for materials and relevant ideas to keep writing into it.   I am going to try for at least 120 pages, but depending on what material I can come up with, it maybe less.  I am going to go for now, and write some more, while the muse is calling. I will return soon, Have a good night everyone!

"Hearts On Fire " Update 5-18-2016

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings! I haven't been in here much, and haven't been seen or heard from by a lot of people, in real life and on here, life seems to be throwing one thing and another at me lately, and I think if I see or hear or have to deal with anything else, I might just let Lucan the Dragon loose and give him permission to start up the fire pit.
Speaking of Lucan, "Hearts On Fire" has gotten a bit of a update,with 10 more pages and 3,667 words added to it last night. Yeah I know that don't appear to be much, but you can pack a lot of scenarios and situations into that 10 pages! To fill y'all in on what's happening in Draconia,and on plain old mundane Earth, well Tristan and Lucan are in the Healer's ward, due to a sparring match that turned extremely heated and went entirely too far. Hell and all of its nine levels don't hold a spark next to a dragon and a warrior that are both bent on having what and whom they consider is theirs.
Tristan just got introduced to a man that bears a startling resemblance to Serena, who at the moment, is not allowed to reveal his identity just yet. Anna, the disgraced High Goddess, and currently residing as a live in servant to the Mckinley household, has been making nice with Tristan's parents, dutifully fulfilling her penance, and silently plotting both Tristan and Lucan's downfall.Serena is hanging onto it all by a thread of sanity, and is seriously questioning her ability to carry on and be who she was destined to be. The weight of it all is almost too much to cope with. To top it off, there's a very royal dragon's egg due to hatch, and Serena's son Adrian was just hand picked, to shoulder a very important task that will forever alter the course of his, and everyone's lives...
To be continued....

Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Darkened Path: Beyond The Veil Is Live!!

Hello Everyone and Brightest Blessings! I came in a minute to share with you the link to my newest book that is Live on Amazon KDP right now!! The Darkened Path: Beyond The Veil is available for purchase on Kindle Select for $3.99, go grab your copy of this one of a kind book today!
Right now I am waiting on CreateSpace to finish reviewing the book files, so I can finish the print version, which will be published tomorrow at the latest.  Here is a short excerpt of one of the chapters, for those of you that want to see a little bit of what you will find in my newest creation, there are 6 chapters devoted to the practice and use of Divination techniques, Astral Travel, Empaths, Clairvoyance, Dreams,and much more....

""Chapter 3 Coffee and Tea Leaf Divination""
"Coffee and Teal Leaf divination has been used for centuries, it is simple and fun and the possible array of symbols, numbers and characters that  you will see in your cup are innumerable.  Tea leaf divination is traditionally done using whole leaves instead of the ground, however modern methods  also use the ground leaves as they are more widely available.
You will begin preparing your tea in a plain white tea cup with a wide brim, not a deep and narrow cup,  the cups that are wide at the top and somewhat shallow  are best , they allow you to swirl the grounds effectively. Place one teaspoon of tea leaves or grounds in the cup, pour  boiling hot water in the cup and allow it to steep for  at least 5 minutes, so the tea brew well and most of the grounds and leaves settle to the bottom of the cup..."  
  The short description that is listed on Amazon KDP is as follows:  "What type of Empath are you? Why is there a heart in the bottom of your tea cup? Did that perplexing dream you had last night really become true today? Did you really see a sign of what's to come? Find out the answers to your not so mundane musings,and delve into the hidden meanings of the divine.Open your mind and expand your awareness of everything that is and what will be,and receive crystal clear answers to your deepest questions when you look Beyond The Veil..." 

Friday, April 15, 2016

"The Darkened Path: Beyond The Veil" IS FINISHED!!!!

I'm exhausted but accomplished! I am finally finished with my newest book, "The Darkened Path: Beyond The Veil"!!!! I just now finished the last 25 pages, bringing the total page count to a decent 110 pages. The  entire word count is 30,270. Tonight I edited, revised, and typed in the last 25 pages and typed a eyeball numbing 7,372 words, as I was very determined to have it at least done, if not published by Sunday.  Now I just have to finish "Hearts On Fire" that book is currently hiding somewhere in plot bunny land, and I have to go and find my meandering muse that seems to be playing hide and seek. Perhaps when I open that word document and scan down the pages, then my muse shall return with a roaring, fire breathing vengeance. For now, it is 1:40 am Saturday, and I seriously have to detach myself from this computer chair and go to bed! I will post a link and etc to the new book the second that I have it available Bright Blessings everyone and I shall return shortly!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Beyond The Veil Update 4-11-2016

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings, I profusely apologize for not updating in weeks! I have been up to my eyes in Avon sales campaigns, and looking for another FT job. Good news came last week, as I was interviewed for a new job, I will get a call from the staffing place when they finish my profile processing and find out when I am supposed to come in for my first day. It's a manufacturing position at one of the nearby industrial parks. Recently I finished 20 pages and wrote 5,862 words into "The Darkened Path: Beyond The Veil" and I have one more chapter to add in and that book is finished! "Hearts On Fire" will be updated as soon as I get the plot bunny hopping again. This new job is going to put a bit of a dent in my writing however I need that 40 hr paycheck every week, so a chunk of time removed from what would be my writing schedule is just going to have to be a small sacrifice. We writers cannot survive on air and a few meager crumbs until that big break comes through. Trident Media still has not contacted me, and another place that I submitted to hasn't bothered to get in touch with me either, so I guess that idea was a flop for now. I have to get going for now, I will update soon when I have more to really report about..have a great week everyone!

Monday, March 7, 2016

"Hearts On Fire" update 3-7-2016

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings! I hope everyone's week is getting off to a decent start? I started mine with finally getting past my writer's block on "Hearts On Fire" and now I am up to page 126, and I got in 7,362 words in the last couple of days. The total word count thus far is 41,888.

Tristan and Lucan's training just got very brutal, Serena's son Adrian recently was inducted for training in the Higher Council's training temples, after he kinda made a scene at his grandmother's house with his new found ability, and what exactly has Serena been keeping to herself about her and Lucan's living arrangements? Will a guilty secret tear them all apart, or will the bond of love and loyalty only grow stronger?  We haven't seen or heard from the disgraced Anna the servant for a few days, but be assured she is lurking about. stay tuned for more updates, as now I will be firing up the Word document and Hearts On fire will be blazing along towards publication hopefully soon.
As for "Beyond The Veil" I am busy compiling notes for that, to add into the document later. I am trying to not overload myself with too much writing material at once, because trying to focus on too much just results in me feeling frazzled. I will be back soon, with more updates on progress. Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Beyond the Veil Update. 2-23-2016

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings, thought I'd pop in for a quickie update. I have been writing some on "The Darkened Path: Beyond The veil" and thus far I am on page 64, Chapter 4, and yesterday I finished another 4017 words into it. "Hearts On Fire" is on a temporary hiatus until I can overcome my writer's block about how best to go forward with it. I have plenty of ideas floating in my head, however getting them typed into the Word document is the issue. I type it down, read a bit, and think " No that doesn't sound right!" and then I am stuck staring at the screen in frustrated annoyance, trying to formulate the words I want to type. "Beyond The Veil" is coming along much easier, so perhaps that is a sign that that is the book I need to finish and publish for now.    

 I have also been busy working on and promoting my new side job as a Avon Representative. Anyone that would like to view my website there, and place an order please go to Avon By SM Tillson. when you sign in and place a order , all orders are free shipping with orders over $40.00. You will occasionally receive special emails promoting offers for free shipping  on a certain amount spent, this is usually on a $25.00 order, and there are always discounts on certain days of the week!
I am going to hop off here , and i will return soon when I have more to update. Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

"The Darkened Path: Beyond The Veil" has begun to be written.

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings, I'm teleporting in for a quick update, as of today, "The Darkened Path: The With Of Lone Oak" was accepted into the Smashwords Premium Catalog.
Go HERE for your copy and be sure to check out the other two books in the series too!
Today I began writing on "The Darkened Path: Beyond The Veil" and so far I'm on page 42 and up to 12,601 words , yeah I have been sitting here all day typing on and off between food and coffee breaks. The snow and cold outside makes it impossible to go out, the parking lots and the roads are packed in a slick powdery mess. I made a short walking trip to the Shell station that is down the street, the blast of fresh cold air felt nice, but by the time I got back my fingers were numb. I suppose I had better dig out those Thinsulate gloves instead of the regular thin acrylic sweater ones!

  There's a little backstory about how "Beyond The Veil" came to be. While scrying in my black gazing mirror one night,I asked the question of " What should the next title of my book be?" Imagine my awed astonishment, when I watched the surface of the mirror fog up like there was condensation forming on it, and it parted on either side like a veiled curtain. I blurted " Beyond the veil?" to myself out loud , and then I felt that familiar warm and fuzzy tingle that signified that a spiritual presence was with me, and that was the positive affirmation of my outspoken question. Thus is also why the cover for the book has a image of a warped around fractal mirror. It signifies the bending of time, space, and going "Beyond The Veil" between mundane and spiritual worlds.          

Since at that time, I was doing a divination session, that became the inspiration for the plot of the new  Darkened Path book I am working on. I am a Empath and a multi gifted receptive medium. No joke. I am not one of those phony, scammer, psychic hotline types.. My gifts are the real deal, and I have years of personal experiences to prove it. Some of those experiences will be written in the new book, they are just too powerfully a part of me and part of what made who I am now as a person to be left out or ignored, and I definitely will not be forgetting those experiences anytime soon.

I am still working on "Hearts Of Fire", but it is going a bit slowly, I am somewhat stuck in the middle of the book, trying to formulate how I want a crucial part of the story to unfold so that it meshes well with the rest of the plot. The scene of how a Dragon merges and transfers it's soul, magic, and a part of itself into a human body is rather difficult to project from my mind and put it into words on a Word page. I am going to teleport back out, I have to get some sleep now, you can't write worth a hill of beans when you're falling asleep at the keyboard!    

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Witch Of Lone Oak Is Live!!

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings! I just had to come in and share the excitement! "The Darkened Path; The Witch Of Lone Oak" has been published and is live on Amazon KDP right now! I will finish detailing the print version tomorrow,  I need a laptop with a updated Adobe flashplayer on it and this tablet wouldn't let me use cover creator on Createspace. I might see if I can fix the tablet so it works like I need it to, but it was actually kind of cool to use the tablet to get the book published with, this old witch can always learn a few new tricks! I'm fecking excited, it's taken me over a year to get this book finished and I can cross another publishing milestone off my to do list! Here is the link for y'all that want to check out my newest installment of The Darkened Path series! The Witch Of Lone Oak.
Four long and exhausting  years of my life have been carefully pieced together into this work, and I had days where I sat and cried in frustration, gotten angry, been depressed, and almost gave up several times! This one book gave me fits over trying to get it even half way completed. If y'all  have been reading the blog posts here, then you know the  exasperating  and temper tantrum inducing troubles that I have went through to get this book done. It has been a uphill battle the whole time, and now I can shove that boulder off the cliff side! A good part of the theme to this book swirls deeply around a very intense and challenging love story that has went through alot of wild and crazy changes, cause we all know that the best kind of love is the one  that the God's and Goddesses will to be, that everyone tries damned hard to make sure you cannot have, and no matter what you say, think, or do, you can't just walk away from!
Detailed personal accounts of yours truly from my own private journals, give voice to the scenes and situations in the nitty gritty, and nothing is left out and no stone unturned! The book Shades Of Darkness, was spawned from this book, as the spells and other things mentioned in the chapters of The Witch Of Lone Oak are written in detail in Shades Of Darkness. I personally suggest buying all three books, starting with " The Darkened Path; The Journey Begins" so you're up to date, and youre getting the whole timeline and story that is now up to date in present time! What you're gonna be reading is all me, 110% and straight up to the point! There are adult scenes and situations written in this newest book, and it is meant for a mature audience of 18+.
This particular adventure down The Darkened Path is going to be put on hiatus, while I finish The Darkened Path; Beyond The Veil, and Hearts On Fire. There is alot more to come on The Darkened Path, the witch's journey is far from done! I hope y'all decide to give this book a read, and I'm open and got my ears and eyes peeled for review, comments, and anything else, but all I ask is that I'm not flamed, because quite honestly Lucan just might flame back! I'm gonna go for now, gonna go and find me a cup of Maxwell House smooth bold blend coffee and go write some more!

Witch of Lone Oak update 2/2/2016

Hi everyone and Bright Blessings! I'm zooming in to update and then zooming back out because I am swamped in work and writing, and tying up some life issues at the moment. The Darkened Path: The Witch of Lone Oak is nearing completion! The second installment of the life of yours truly centers on a complicated love, loss, and twisting paths of change! I am currently writing the last few pages that end on a bittersweet note. What changes will we see on the Darkened Path? Stay tuned and soon you will see!
 Hearts of Fire is also being worked on and I'm aiming for a release of at least one of my projects on the February new moon, which is on the 8th. Trident media responded with a note saying they will contact me again after 30 days, I will see what happens with that by end of this month and if I don't hear anything I will be inquiring about my submission. There will be a third installment of the life of yours truly as I have been compiling months worth of material for that,and I have also been gathering and researching materials for a book on Divination practices and more magical meanderings will begin on the Darkened Path. I am going to go for now but I shall return! Have a great week everyone!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Hearts On Fire update 1/21/2016

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings! I am working hard on Hearts On Fire, and as of just now I am on page 103 and today I finished 4600 words. Tristan has begun his training with Lucan and things are getting a bit intense with that! Will Tristan be able to visit in Serena's home for a week, to complete his training, and resist the urge to claim Serena as his before the merging ceremony? Lucan is going to brutally test every cell in Tristan's mind, body, and soul, to make sure he is worthy to call Serena his own! A dragon will not give up his prized treasure without a fight, and if Tristan fails his training with Lucan he might have to kiss Serena goodbye forever!
We are getting snowed in by winter storm Jonas this weekend, supposedly we are about to get between 4-7 more inches of snow, school has been out since Wednesday. My son has been glued to his Xbox, and I have been trying to drown out the ungodly sound and sight of constant Minecraft playing, so I can write and concentrate on the storyline. If it were up to me that game would never exist, it grates on my nerves like nails on a chalkboard! I know everyone has their own hobbies and things they love, but me personally I could do without ever seeing a game console in my house!
 Today I contacted Trident Media in NY, and inquired about the idea of them accepting or looking at my first book "The Darkened Path The Journey Begins" for potential as a movie, TV series or something similar. I know that is going out on a skinny limb, but who says I cannot at least ask and find out some information, and that is sometimes a fantastic way to get more sales and get your work and yourself seen and heard about. I am not adverse to the idea that my books, or anything else that I write about, would end up being created into a indie movie or something. I am going to hop off here for now, just wanted to pop in for a quickie update. Bright  Blessings to everyone, and stay safe from Jonas if you live in the area!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hearts On Fire update.

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings! I popped in for an update to tell y'all what's transpiring in my newest storyline! Right at this minute, Hearts On Fire is up to 66 pages and 21,607 words! Last night I wrote in 4,055 more words and finished 12 more pages. Tristan and Lucan are about to hold a meeting with the Elder Council, in the High Council's chambers to deliberate and decide the fate and sentence of the HIgh Goddess, whom has attempted  to hatch a heinous plot and pull off a unforgivable  crime against the Dragon and human races!  Serena has been informed of some very interesting  revelations, and Tristan is having to swallow a few huge horse pills of pride, and abandon some long held human male ideas, in order to make some nessecary adjustments, if he wants to be the man Serena needs and deserves. What will be the High Goddess's fate, and what will be her punishment from the Elders for taking  her mad schemes way out of hand?
I have something wickedly horrifying in mind for my poor High Goddess, she's about to find out what happens when you mess with the Dragon God's most valued treasure! Meanwhile, the Elders look down fondly upon their chosen son of clan McKinley , and flash a winking eye at the vintage bourbon and selected choice of smoking paraphernalia, after all, a man needs something to soothe his mind and frazzled temper , when his normal mundane human life is changing faster than Lucan can wolf down a plate of Starbuck's French Roast coffee grounds!

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year 2016

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings. I am working hard on writing my short story "Hearts On Fire", thus far I have 42 pages and a bit over 14k words done! The holidays set me back a bit, and then right before Yuletide I came down with a ugly chest cold. The worst of it has subsided, I am still coughing like a barking seal, however I have the energy to be up and about. Last night I started writing again, determined to start the New Year by getting some work done! I have borrowed my son's tablet to work with , seeing as I currently have no internet or phone service until the bill is paid. If it's not one thing then it's another! That will not prevent me from getting my work done, I just need to learn to navigate this gadgetry of his a bit. I am not a tech whiz, so me learning to use a tablet with a advanced Android program is going to take a bit of getting used to! I never thought I would end up doing something like sitting here at the table, the only room on the house where a  wifi signal works, tapping out words on a touch screen, and I am so not used to it, I really do miss my clanky outdated desktop keyboard right now! I can sit at my old model acer desktop and type words and click keys to my hearts content! I'm quite the old woman when it comes to modern technology, I'll be 33 on January 18th and I didn't even have cellular phone service until I was 21! So all these new devices are a bit overwhelming  to tinker with.
Now onto where I am in my new story, Tristan, love of Serena,  is in a heated discussion with the HIgh Goddess about why he and her dragon guardian Lucan, have to form a very unusual bond between themselves in order for both of them to stay in the life and heart of Serena, and what is the High Goddess conspiring to achieve and gain out of this forbidden of and illegal alliance? The stakes are high, and the consequences, potentially devastating, for all involved, if the HIgh Goddess's scheme is discovered by the HIgh Council before She can see it complete. The fate of the entire dragon and human race will be changed for all eternity, should this plot of Hers succeed. Serena risks losing everything that makes her heart and her life complete in Tristan and Lucan should they all fail. Will a millenia old  dragon and a modern day warrior work together in harmony to keep the woman they love and put aside their warring hearts and hardened ways? Or will the fires of love be extinguished forever?