Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Darkened Path, Book 1 The journey Begins, Published today!!

Today publication began for The Darkened Path Book 1 and it is now released on Createspace right here. -->The Darkened Path Book 1    I am proud of myself that I finally got it finished like I wanted and the new version of the old book is more streamlined and refined! It will be something great to read and absorb yourself in while I am busy working on the second book, which I promise has a lot more in store for everyone! The Darkened Path is far from done and there's is a lot more of that path to be traveling on!   

Further distribution to Amazon and other sales outlets will follow in 3-5 business days while I upload and publish to their stores. There will not be a Kindle version posted to Amazon due to their  pickiness about who else you can publish with. I want the e-book version available to a lot of sales channels and Amazon doesn't want competition and tries to say you cant publish your e-book to other sales outlets for 90 days after you load it to their Kindle Store. So Smashwords and other places will be seeing a E-book version as soon as I can get it done.

  I just discovered today that Nook Press has now offered its own print publication service and I am seriously checking them out later! Now the next phase is to tackle Book 2, and edit the pages I added to it and then get on with the second part of the book. That section is going to take a bit of time. I have a lot of snippets, notes, and loose pages of material to go through and sort out and decide what to add and what to scrap.  That is a hard thing for me..to me..my writing is not scrap or meaningless in any sense but I have to be reasonable and say I cannot publish every miniscule detail and 3 sentence post-it note I have squirreled away in my folders! that would result in a several hundred pages worth of reading!

I really have to go for now..the second book must be finished soon! Bright Blessings to everyone and I hope you enjoy my new book!


Monday, November 10, 2014

The Darkened Path Book 1: The Journey Begins is finished!!

I had to come in here and announce that The Darkened Path Book 1: The Journey Begins, is finally finished and the printed version is going to be released this week on Amazon! I will be posting again soon when I get the link available! A full 7 chapters, 206 pages and 54,303 words are ready to go!! E-book formats are going to take a minute because Amazon gives you issues about having your e-book published in more than one place if you already have it set up on their Kindle site so I have to find a way to work around their little rule and still have my book available where I need it to be seen and sold.  

The second part of the series is well underway, with 104 pages and 34,028 words typed so far, it includes 4 years of a backstory related to "The Witch of Lone Oak" theme of the title. I am the Witch of Lone Oak character and I moved here 4 years ago, so yes I have to kind of include what has gone on in my life since the day I moved here. to me that makes logical sense. there's gonna be some fantastic stuff written into this next book so stay tuned y'all. Bright Blessings to all!!         

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cover for book 1 is redesigned!

Here is my redesigned cover for The Darkened Path Book 1:The Journey Begins. I do hope you all like it!! I have also changed the title to reflect the fact that it matches similarly to the title of the second book. All I have to do now is finish the interior, I have about 100 more pages to edit and revise and then we are ready to launch!!


Editing is half done! 11/9/2014

So here I am updating again on my progress into editing and revising The Darkened Path book 1. So far I have 240 pages, 66,480 words and 6 chapters finished. I am looking at possibly 7 or 8 chapters And I have decided that I can seriously do some choppy editing and tweaking to make the whole 28 years of my "past" life fit into the first book, so that I can focus on the time frame for when I began a new life journey after I moved back here to Tennessee in 2011. I am from Tennessee. I was born and raised here but for awhile I lived out of state and I had a different life there. When I moved back here after some devastating life changes, I had to make a very hard life adjustment and journey down a new path and become a different person.

The Witch of Lone Oak that describes and predominates book 2 is the woman who willfully rose from the ashes of a destroyed dream and clawed her way back into trying to rebuild and live a normal life  under a lot of personal adversity and social and economic challenges while becoming a stronger person inside and transforming myself into a new person. A bit of magical persuasion and skill and a lot of prayer to the God and Goddess helps this transformation along in some ways that even I didn't foresee happening!  A lot of things have to "die" in this second book, as we all know death is also a transformation and not just a ending. So stay tuned and see what awaits!!