Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hearts On Fire is Finished! 9/11/2016

Hello Everyone and Bright Blessings! I came in to finally update y'all about the latest news... "Hearts On Fire" is finished and is in the editing process, and will be published by this weekend, if not sooner! I am working on editing the paragraphs so that they look accurate on Amazon's KDP  Previewer. I originally uploaded the files and then went to preview the manuscript, and found gaps, spaces, and cut off sentences all over the place which really got on my nerves, so the whole file got transferred to my old Windows program, which has always worked fine in the past. I do not like the Word Online program, it does not give me the right size of page layouts and it is a pain to work with.
So get ready to see the inferno start in the Romance and Fantasy department of Amazon, when Hearts On Fire makes it debut, as it is my intention to set the world on fire with my new book! This is a short post, meant to just be an update. I have my final college exams to do this week, and after Sept. 13th I get a break from coursework. So I will have more time to write, and do other things. Until Then, Have a great week everyone, and I will return soon.