Friday, December 12, 2014

"The Darkened Path Book 1: The Journey Begins", price has been changed!

Hello my readers and Bright Blessings, I am in here to update a change to "The Darkened Path Book 1: The Journey Begins." Starting tomorrow, the price has been marked down to $3.99.  This price is about 70% difference of the print version so readers you are saving about $6.00 by purchasing the Kindle version!

Book 2 is slowly crawling along, I have had many other work projects to tackle and wrestle with and the madness of the holidays has me going full speed to pay bills, shop for gifts, and I still haven't got to grocery shop for holiday dinner yet! I for one will be somewhat relieved to see the New Year come and the madness will die down a bit!

I have been playing with covers again for the second book, I am having a hard time deciding the background and text color to match a certain picture that I really want to use. I want to do grey or a shade of grey with black texts and the picture I have decided to use, and so far I like it. The color theme for the 3rd book is going to be purple and shades of purple, I have a fantastic picture picked out for Book 3 but we will have to wait to see that!

I am seriously hoping to get book 2 published to at least Amazon by New Years week. That was somewhat my resolution for this coming year, was to have Book 2 finished and published. I am sorry this is going to be a short post, I have a lot to write and too little time to get it written in!! Bright Blessings to all and Happy Holidays!!

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Darkened Path Book 1 on is now on Kindle, oh and a bit of supernatural realism..

Well despite my previous reservations, I have decided that it would be a best interest option for me to publish on Kindle again, except this time I opted out of Kindle Select.  Smashwords is giving me a fit with formatting and cover issues but I am working on it and just maybe I will have it updated to their strict standards shortly. for the moment is the link to Amazon Kindle for The Darkened Path Book 1: The Journey Begins. The price is set to reflect half the cost of the print version and I feel this is reasonable. I was not allowed to publish the print version below a $9.00 price due to the size of the book itself.

Book two is coming along slowly,it is a bit heftier than the first book. I am having a hard time with motivation to just get on Word and start it up again.  That may be my New Year's have the second book published. I had better get with the program quick and begin writing soon if I want to see that possibility it definitely isn't going to write itself! At present moment I have 106 pages to edit and flesh out and then go onto the second half of the book, which is partially already finished. I have new ideas already brewing in the cauldron of my mind about what to write mind keeps thinking "paranormal", "Empath" Clairvoyant" "Supernatural", "Romance"..

The romance idea has been on my mind for awhile but first I have to get this series published. I actually have a great story line in mind for a fourth book but getting it drafted and figuring out what time period I want it to be and etc is a challenge. I see a lot of supernatural romance and unrealistically far out there ideas floating around (vampire/werewolf/ dangerous creature hybrid lover from different planet/ dimension??)  and I really want this one to be a original idea that doesn't look like it has been copied from someone else's idea.

 I have to get this out of my mind it has been bugging me for awhile. The romance department seems overflowing with too many kinds of unrealistic and warped sexual themes.. and a ridiculous amount of overrated porn industry type sex.. every 10 pages or so someone is bent over like a smutty little gutter tramp and is supposedly loving every second of it with a man that isn't a smart choice in partners. And the choice in male partners seems to be becoming less and less human male and more like a warped and badly envisioned sexualized version of twilight crossed over with x-men. Some realistic and tasteful sexual themes and real deal romance would be very refreshing and more enjoyable!! I will be the first one to tell you all that I am a practicing pagan and I believe and have been witness to all kinds of supernatural and out of the box theories and ideas. But I am seeing way too much madness with interspecies romance and sexuality.

There seems to be something darkly thrilling and erotic and taboo with the whole idea that sex with a male that is all dominant and alpha, probably not a human species, and too capable of basically raping you in any way he sees fit with his "enchanting" powers of seduction just to get him some freaky satisfaction and a power high from a hapless and all too submissive human female? The first thing that comes to mind is a incubus or some other type of fatal, unnatural, non human being that could just as well leave you ripped apart in a bloody trashed mess when he is done with his idea of "fun". Realistically speaking if he left you alive in any recoverable condition and you survived your mental acumen intact and with most bodily functions and your limbs attached, well if you somehow conceived a baby with said creature you are most likely not going to survive the birth process as the little cherub is going to tear it's way out of your body like you are a overweight plastic bag that got ripped wide open, and leave you laying there bleeding to death with half your insides coming out. Incubi are not nice creatures. They are sadistic,evil, cruel and dangerous.. they prey on sleeping women and force sexual encounters with them towards the height of homicidal and should a woman willingly pursue this idea and actually allow this to continue with the incubus then she is suicidal and bat shit crazy.

Same goes for werewolves and vampires. Sex or any romantic involvement with them is not advisable.. you are tempting fate itself and risking becoming a interesting snack instead of being seen as beautiful and attractive. The very few that see human females as attractive or by some weird insanity that a male or female from the species happens to like you more then he/she should well too bad you're not really a "mate" in the sense for romantic soul bonding you are a amusing plaything to relieve boredom and a broodmare or a stud for future generations of hybrids of which hybrids are potentially more dangerous than the pure strain of vampire or werewolf. 95% of sexual encounters with these species end up with the human partner dead or worse.

This isn't Twilight here.. Edward Cullen is supposed to be a vampire that is hardwired to drink blood and drain you dry like a capri sun drink pouch and have no remorse or guilt for it aside from that he got his Prada shirt and pants ruined and now has to replace it..I read the books and the portrayal of the Volturi and the red eyed vampires is more accurate of a "real" vampire  than the less barbaric and refined Cullen and Denali clans. The whole love story between Edward and Bella was disturbing ways I cant really put into words.. he's by all physical means dead, has been dead 100 odd years, he has no real feelings or emotions.. only remote reminiscences of his past humanity, and goes hunting cougars to satisfy his need for blood instead of giving into his nature to have Bella and they lust after after each other like a crack addict needs a fix. I damn guarantee "cougars" wasn't what he was really hunting after but anyways.. I'd rather know she was getting wild and naked with Jacob Black on the ground in that tent he said and I quote "I'm definitely hotter than you" and at least if they had conceived a baby it wouldn't have used her body like a parasite, broke her body in pieces,forced her to drink blood to keep herself in a deathly sickly state of walking parasitic host until she died having it. I cringed watching her body audibly snap in half right before the mangled C-section birth epidural or anesthetic that I recall seeing either.. sure lets just use our fangs and gut the baby from her catatonic and dying body..she's not going  to feel it considering her spine is snapped at the waist.. lo and behold the hazards of being glamoured by a vampire.. is stated in the Volturi, true blood drinking vampires of all kinds strictly forbid the begetting of children from any other species. Said children are considered unstable and dangerous and a abomination to be gotten rid of. Other types of vampires exist that do not need blood to survive and those vampires do not usually allow species interbreeding either unless the human mate has some type of physical or mental capability that is admired or considered worthy of that kind of status. Most human or other species have to agree to become a vampire in order to be accepted by the rest of the established vampire populace. Vampires are very regal and carry themselves with pride like aristocrats and royalty. Love does not truly exist in the vampire world. Human emotion and any remnants of emotional thought process faded away and died along with their humanity.They put on a damn good act in human society to avoid detection and discovery.

 The glamoured effect is a mind control illusion meant to make the human idolize and fall sick in lust and love with her/his vampire lover or partner. During sexual encounters which are usually forced upon the human victims, you are basically out of this world high on vampire induced mental crack that is a false illusion. I'm sure if your lover bit you and got himself a taste of you while you were clear headed and conscious well you would be seriously not amused and absolutely no way could you soberly look a creature like that in the eyes and willingly consent to get happy with one and breed a happy little family.. That is unless you fancy necrophilia the rest of your life and you are suicidal and want to die and become a soulless and lifeless walking fiend. Vampires are not beautiful, sensual or attractive in any sense of the word. They most definitely do not sparkle and they don't give the Maybelline models a run for their money.          

The Quileute shape shifters are at least more realistic and believable. Legends abound in all Native Tribes all over the world of shape shifters and the ability of merging oneself with a animal's spirit.. The wolves in Twilight have a slightly magical gene gifted to them by a ancestor that causes their reproduction and sexual relations with one only causes a child to be born with a gene passed on from generations of gifted warriors.. on top of that there is the process of imprinting, that is finding the true soul mate meant for not just the man, but it's the woman that keeps the wolf inside from becoming too wild and going feral and taking control of the human side. So the man is not ruled entirely by his animal nature. Seriously imagine if he lost control and the wolf inside came out in the wrong moment?? What kind of carnage would that be like ? I don't want to consider that.. shape shifters have their dangers and moments of possible instability but they are still more human than anything on the worst of days as they keep their human thoughts and conscious ability to think, reason, and make clear decisions along with the wolf being inside their body. It's something like having two voices in your head and the human gets to have more control over the animal. The stronger the human's mind the more control he has of the animal  inside.     

True werewolves? Realistically, no they have absolutely no mind in their transformed state, when they become their wolf forms they have no human conscious or ability to control themselves.. it's all animal. They do not normally have sex or take a mate with normal human females no matter how hot she looks.The human female sadly becomes a appetizing snack because the rampaging werewolf smells food and totally ignores the poor woman's ovulating hormones.
Stories abound of supposed werewolf hybrid children but I have yet to  meet or know of any at least not in my area, and I will say that if that possibility exists it is most likely because the woman or man carried a werewolf gene but never made the transformation correctly or the gene is somewhat dormant and the werewolf saw that she/he was same species as them thus she/he did not become the next meal. Most werewolves appear to have been changed by contact via bodily fluids associated with biting or injuries sustained by somehow winning a fight with one, unless the werewolf had the sole intention of turning the person it attacked for the purpose of recruiting the new werewolf into it's pack. If you are born a werewolf both of your parents have to carry the gene, there are few documentations of werewolf babies born of a werewolf parent and a human partner because usually those families do not get to survive long enough to tell the story.   

Most werewolf documentation I have come across, which is minimal as there aren't many willing to come forward and share secrets like that, actually forbids interspecies mating or taking of human as sexual partners.They would prefer to keep the race as pure as possible. Half bred children are considered a weakness and a defect, because they carry the gene but somehow don't possess the ability to make the full werewolf change, or they are not as strong as a pureblooded werewolf.. they are weaklings and considered unfit and if one is found or known to be existing then I say to the parents you had better be hiding it well because it will be swiftly executed and you along with the child for what would be considered a betrayal against the alpha or your pack including on up to having your entire pack decimated by the higher status packs.

Werewolves appear to have a structured hierarchy of packs and there is one high ranking alpha like a chieftan of his pack, who leads above all others, and several smaller packs with their own leading alphas, and the high alpha is not adverse to exterminating a pack under his dominion that has broken a order and the monitoring of mates and who is in whose pack and why what is going on with them is strictly kept in line. If it is discovered that a undesired mate is in a pack or by chance a questionable birth or mating has taken place especially without approval or permission from the high alpha,.. a entire pack can be slaughtered as a example of what happens when you refuse to obey.

I could seriously go on and on about these types of things. I believe in realism and common sense in creating romance and love stories and making it believable and not some melting pot of out of this world ideas and perceptions of what is perceived as normal and desirable. You want that hot headed alpha werewolf in your bed? Honey you're going be hurting if not dead and a lot more submissive that you would like to be given the chance that you're allowed to live ..How about that super sexy hypnotic vampire? Ok well if you really want to be a mind controlled slave to blood donation, and sickly addicted to necrophilia.. The bed scorching sexy wet dream of that super fine man/woman you had the other night? There's a incubus/succubus stalking it's way onto on your bed with a twisted look on it's face allowing you to enjoy a final moment of bliss before they decides they have had enough playtime and oh it's time for a midnight snack...  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Darkened Path, Book 1 The journey Begins, Published today!!

Today publication began for The Darkened Path Book 1 and it is now released on Createspace right here. -->The Darkened Path Book 1    I am proud of myself that I finally got it finished like I wanted and the new version of the old book is more streamlined and refined! It will be something great to read and absorb yourself in while I am busy working on the second book, which I promise has a lot more in store for everyone! The Darkened Path is far from done and there's is a lot more of that path to be traveling on!   

Further distribution to Amazon and other sales outlets will follow in 3-5 business days while I upload and publish to their stores. There will not be a Kindle version posted to Amazon due to their  pickiness about who else you can publish with. I want the e-book version available to a lot of sales channels and Amazon doesn't want competition and tries to say you cant publish your e-book to other sales outlets for 90 days after you load it to their Kindle Store. So Smashwords and other places will be seeing a E-book version as soon as I can get it done.

  I just discovered today that Nook Press has now offered its own print publication service and I am seriously checking them out later! Now the next phase is to tackle Book 2, and edit the pages I added to it and then get on with the second part of the book. That section is going to take a bit of time. I have a lot of snippets, notes, and loose pages of material to go through and sort out and decide what to add and what to scrap.  That is a hard thing for writing is not scrap or meaningless in any sense but I have to be reasonable and say I cannot publish every miniscule detail and 3 sentence post-it note I have squirreled away in my folders! that would result in a several hundred pages worth of reading!

I really have to go for now..the second book must be finished soon! Bright Blessings to everyone and I hope you enjoy my new book!


Monday, November 10, 2014

The Darkened Path Book 1: The Journey Begins is finished!!

I had to come in here and announce that The Darkened Path Book 1: The Journey Begins, is finally finished and the printed version is going to be released this week on Amazon! I will be posting again soon when I get the link available! A full 7 chapters, 206 pages and 54,303 words are ready to go!! E-book formats are going to take a minute because Amazon gives you issues about having your e-book published in more than one place if you already have it set up on their Kindle site so I have to find a way to work around their little rule and still have my book available where I need it to be seen and sold.  

The second part of the series is well underway, with 104 pages and 34,028 words typed so far, it includes 4 years of a backstory related to "The Witch of Lone Oak" theme of the title. I am the Witch of Lone Oak character and I moved here 4 years ago, so yes I have to kind of include what has gone on in my life since the day I moved here. to me that makes logical sense. there's gonna be some fantastic stuff written into this next book so stay tuned y'all. Bright Blessings to all!!         

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cover for book 1 is redesigned!

Here is my redesigned cover for The Darkened Path Book 1:The Journey Begins. I do hope you all like it!! I have also changed the title to reflect the fact that it matches similarly to the title of the second book. All I have to do now is finish the interior, I have about 100 more pages to edit and revise and then we are ready to launch!!


Editing is half done! 11/9/2014

So here I am updating again on my progress into editing and revising The Darkened Path book 1. So far I have 240 pages, 66,480 words and 6 chapters finished. I am looking at possibly 7 or 8 chapters And I have decided that I can seriously do some choppy editing and tweaking to make the whole 28 years of my "past" life fit into the first book, so that I can focus on the time frame for when I began a new life journey after I moved back here to Tennessee in 2011. I am from Tennessee. I was born and raised here but for awhile I lived out of state and I had a different life there. When I moved back here after some devastating life changes, I had to make a very hard life adjustment and journey down a new path and become a different person.

The Witch of Lone Oak that describes and predominates book 2 is the woman who willfully rose from the ashes of a destroyed dream and clawed her way back into trying to rebuild and live a normal life  under a lot of personal adversity and social and economic challenges while becoming a stronger person inside and transforming myself into a new person. A bit of magical persuasion and skill and a lot of prayer to the God and Goddess helps this transformation along in some ways that even I didn't foresee happening!  A lot of things have to "die" in this second book, as we all know death is also a transformation and not just a ending. So stay tuned and see what awaits!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Editing is underway..

I wanted to take a minute to update on my progress on The Darkened Path, Book 1 has so far had 51 pages out of 232 edited, and I have decided to nick out some things here and there, I am going to add those snipped bits into Book 2. I intend to end Book 1 to correlate to when I moved back home after my divorce, and start Book 2 with that scene and go from that time period up to present and current time frame, I realized while reading through book 1, that the story itself is too crammed and stuffed together and needs some spacing out. Trying to cram almost 32 years of your life into a book series is not the easiest of feats and I have had a lot of personal changes in the last 4 years that are important to the whole story, and let us not forget the scores of notes, journal entries, and other things being added to book 2.  Can I take 5 years of my past and present life and weave it into a second book based on my studies in witchcraft and occult practices? We shall find out!  Blessed Be to All! And back to work I am going...    

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Darkend Path Book 1 will be removed for editing and revision.

I wanted to take some time and update you all on some changes I'm about to make to The Darkened Path Book 1.  I am going to be temporarily taking it down off the sales channels to edit and revise it. It has been brought to my attention that the sales rank is dismal, I have not had sales for several months. It has been 11 months since I published it and it has not had the success I anticipated and hoped for. Smashwords indicates partial and sample downloads but no sales, Amazon editions are not selling period, I have this book on literally every sales  page I can publish it to, Lulu will not accept the original manuscript. I guess I have to accept the fact that my first published work is not up to snuff and I need to fix and change it a bit. I may even edit the title and change that a bit too, I find that the title and the part where it says "The Burden"  doesn't really match with the second book I am writing.   

Into the revised and edited edition will go a few more chapters and pages, chapter labels in the heading, and table of contents page, and possibly a bit of editing of the original story. There wont be anything removed or taken out from the original story, just some details and other snippets added in that have come to mind while I have been busy writing the second book. I am also busily working on book two, of which I have 22,000 words written and right now I am on chapter 4. The Darkened Path book 2: The Witch of Lone Oak is shaping up well far as I'm concerned, I even have a more targeted audience for this one now, which will be Paranormal, Witchcraft, and Personal Documentary. I have to do this on self publishing platforms and under my own steam, I cannot afford a editor or a publisher at the moment.

I noticed there doesn't seem to be a lot of authors willing to "go there" with the fact they are really Pagan, that they actively practice witchcraft, or even come out with this fact, and they definitely do not seem to be writing a personal account of it? There are lots of books on Spells, Books of Shadows, several types of magical practice and instruction and guidebooks to following and subscribing oneself towards particular Paths, and thousands of how-to manuals on a plethora of subjects relating to esoteric practices. But I see very few personal accounts and biographical type works. While I realize that a lot of first time authors have a hard time getting the publicity and attention they need to make sales, I am still a bit disappointed. This doesn't deter me however, I am continuing to write and get the story out and success does not come on a whim and is not achieved immediately and definitely does not come without a few failures and mishaps first!  I will update again soon, hopefully, I now have a lot of free time to devote to writing and I am now self employed, and about to be signing up for online college classes, so in front of my computer is where I am going to be spending a ridiculous amount of time  and probably for the next several weeks and possibly a few months! Bright Blessings to all!  I shall return!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Chapter 4 started.

So last week I managed to get written 2,723 words into Book 2. I finished chapter 3 and started on chapter 4,titled "Love and Financial Woes and Cures" which is idling on page 2 at the moment. I am waiting patiently for school to start back in another week and that will definitely clear me up some time to write. Here lately I have found myself awake at the wee hours trying to write and that just isn't working for me.  I was supposed to had already finished at least one chapter but between two kids, housework, and other jobs that I do well writing just gets put aside again!!

Chapter 4 is going to focus on  love and financial setbacks and how to  possibly fix and prevent, and get rid of them if you suspect they are caused by bad intentions of others and potential magical warfare. This is a important area of our lives and we do not need bad luck, mishaps, and constant strife and arguments clouding up and destroying our love lives and financial situations! Yes technically it is somewhat a taboo to "fix" your love life and financial means however when all you are doing is going broke, losing money, having bad financial crises, and fighting and screaming with your partner over ridiculous and petty issues and snarling at eachother's throats over every little thing coming and going then yes maybe there might be a real reason behind it aside from just plain old bad luck and your partner is just suddenly not compatible with you anymore.

so into chapter 4 will go some tips, tricks, charms, spells, and magical means of preventing and fixing these areas of our lives and how to possibly send it back and get rid of it if by chance it is coming from a known outside source and is directed specifically at you and your life. Thi is going to be a short post update, I have to go back to the hectic reality that is my home life!! Bright Blessings to All!!   

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Final cover change. I think I have it now!!

Oh the mental stress I have endured trying to find a cover and a title for this book!! how many times I have edited, changed, and re-written things on this cover and finally I have settled on one, and the inspiration was basically sitting right under my nose of course! I'm a Witch, I live on Lone Oak Dr, gee how obvious was that and why did I not think of this before months ago??!! Writing is now well under way too and hopefully I will be finished in a few weeks and preferably I have a personal deadline goal set for the end of this month. For some reason I cannot load a picture of the cover to Blogger as the set up page does not want to work properly but here is the exact one copied from the picture located on my Facebook page The Darkened Path 
I would appreciate some "likes" and shares and etc on my FB page if that wouldn't be much to ask? Also Located in that page is links to my first book located on amazon at , the print version is also available.

Finishing chapter 3, Book 2.

Well I finally got my arse back into a writing mood again, after a slump of what to write next and how to end chapter 3, as of right now I have 17,421 words done on book 2, and 60 pages finished now, and tonight I wrote 1,342 more words into chapter 3. Book 2 is becoming a painstaking and frazzling process to write and flesh out, I need at least 3 more chapters and at least 60 more pages before it is even decently presentable to be published. Chapter 3 was written for Hex, jinx, curse and uncrossing ritual work, spellwork and information. I am having to go through literally  a shat ton of material from old blogs I have saved, notes, and my personal written spell works, some of which date back over two years ago or longer..

Oh and let me not forget to add in a whole year of my current life to update into the original storyline of "The Darkened Path," series. I have to write out several events and happenings, situations and characters and etc. that have shifted and changed and come and gone like a tornado combined with a sand storm this year. Transformation and change is the theme of my life this year and a hell of a lot has changed and happened for me, in a huge ever evolving scenario of highs and lows and everything n between. I may end up with alot more than 6 chapters. This is going to be a short is now 2:45 am here and I am tired and my eyes are gritty from sitting here so long already. I promise I will be back soon with a better update and Thank you all for being patient with me!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Working on chapter 3.

Hello to all and Bright Blessings. I apologize profusely for never updating in so long, I have been up to my eyes in trying to find other types of work, writing and re working chapters on Book 2 and then I lost my internet at home for almost 3 weeks and that set me back a lot, you can't really write a blog  post on a itty bitty phone screen!

So, I am up to chapter 3 on my second book, which has had yet another title change, now it is titled "The Darkened Path Book 2: Spells of a Solitary Shadow" I have decided to take this and chop it up into more manageable pieces and create maybe a third and fourth book, so that I can cram 16 years worth of magical experiences, spells, and odds and end and of course include bits and pieces about yours truly. I am up to 16,000 plus words and onto chapter three which details hexes, jinxes, and curses and the causes of how and why these malevolent energies invade our lives and how to remove them and guard yourself and your life from them. Included here is page one of chapter 3.

""Chapter 3: Hex Jinx, and Curse Removal.

Have you had a string of bad luck where nothing goes right, everyone seems to not like or hates the sight of you? They act like they are somehow envious, spiteful and malicious of everything you do and say and even your very presence seems to set someone off?  One day out of the blue, the car breaks down, the power gets shut off on a sudden notice and you’re fighting and squabbling with the neighbor over something trivial? Suddenly your boss or coworkers are just not happy with you and everything you do at work is wrong? Your finances and money situations are at the worst they have been, money seems to be going out faster than it’s coming in? Despite your best efforts and everything you try, you feel like you and everything and everyone around you is having a bad day, and it stays that way every day for weeks or maybe months?

You it seems are cursed, jinxed, hexed, cast the evil eye at. Somehow on the routine course of you day, or during the week or maybe a month ago.. you went by or came across someone or something that decided to just pop into your life and decide it would be a cruel and funny joke to cause havoc and problems at every turn. Or, it’s possible you did something or said the wrong word at the wrong time and either intentionally or unintentionally invited it upon yourself, it does happen that way. It’s not always about someone or something else’s fault, sometimes it is directly your own troubles that you brought on yourself, that is if you have done or said something to cause it. If you do bad things and cause havoc and discord to others and  go about your day trying to make everyone and everything in your life miserable, well perhaps you are just getting your own karma thrown back at you.""

 I also have a favor to ask of the writing communities, authors, bloggers, and anyone else that are possibly reading this blog post..I need some help in promoting my first book located here >>The Darkened Path Book 1, I also have it on Smashwords, Createspace, and several other sites that offer free publishing, there is the print and e-book versions available. Promos and advertisement are we authors' ticket to sales success and we can't be seen or heard about without it. No matter how many books you have published, if you are in sales rank of the 800,000 odd person on the list well there is basically no sales and you are invisible to potential customers because there are that many titles and names above yours trying to get a piece of the pie too. This first publication of mine is very important and dear to me personally , not many of us have the brass to come completely out with a life story spanning 25 years of your secrets and gritty details and situations and people that created you into who you are now. Me ? I say there is nothing gained by remaining I the dark and hiding in the broom closet and scared of the world and what it may or may not do to you. my secrets have come to light and my story needs to be seen and heard! To all my Readers Bright Blessings and have a great day!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Book 2 update..2/2/14

Hello to everyone and Bright Blessings to you all! I'm just popping in for  a minute to update some information about my second book. I have decided that I will take some material from book 2, that I was originally going to write in it, and divide it and create book 3. The title to book 3 will be "The Darkened Path Book 3: Beyond the Veil" and will feature my work and knowledge on Ghosts, Spirits, various Clairvoyant and Empathetic exercises and skills, and of course recipes and charms and tips about how best to work with and develop our abilities, to aide us in peering into the Veil and contacting those entities and enhancing our knowledge of the world Beyond The Veil.  I am becoming overwhelmed and stressed with trying to cram everything that I originally intended to write into a second book. I feel that breaking it into more manageable sections and less chapters will give me more edge into getting everything written and published like I want it to be. It may be less chapters and slightly shorter books, but it also less mental strain for me as a writer. I will be tweaking the cover of book 2, changing the title a bit and editing the information on the back cover. Until then.. please don't hesitate to take a trek into  The Darkened Path Book 1 and read about me and my personal story. This was my first foray into publishing, and at the time I felt a strong urge to release the demons that haunted my younger life like a spectre from the darkest of nightmares. The first book was somewhat a theraputic release for me, I was brave enough to put it out there and share it with the world..there were certain scenes that brought back painful memories and I even cried and went through a plethora of wild and seething emotions whilst writing some of them. Digging up the dirt from the past is very harsh and having to confront the demons.. even harsher..  some of you that read through those chapters, might relate and understand, and even find inspiration and strength in knowing that you are not alone and you are not the only one that has experienced pain and suffering of the cruelest kinds. It has shaped and molded me into who I am now. Without those experiences I would not be the strong and independent woman I am right now.  

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Website Published Today.

I would like to announce the unveiling of my new website  The Darkened Path. I created this site to enhance the exposure of my book(s) and to provide my readers a "real" place to go, so they may join, give insights, post, comment, leave messages, shop, and explore my personal world of Pagan practice, as well as give you all the low down about who I am and what I'm about. It is currently just a basic set up until I can gather the funds to make it more professional and engaging both to myself and to my readers and subscribers. I will be very happy when I can fully utilize all the features that come with the monthly/yearly subscription fees. Basic set up is going to have to be acceptable to me for the moment. I am also going to resurrect my old google site up from the dead and try to polish it up a bit too, I have not touched it in months and I almost forgot I made it.  Book two in the Darkened path series is coming along slowly, I am on page 32, in chapter 2 and covering Banishment, Reversal and Protection magic and information. At times I feel like I am never going to get this book done there is so much I need to copy, edit, paste, re write, add in, and work on with this one.  I honestly had no idea I really had so much material to try and manipulate into flowing articulated chapters and actually make it look easy to follow and make sense of. Like usual, my sense of timing on this is going to be off again, I said I would have this done by end of January but to my frustration it is not going as planned. I seem to start working on a page or two and then I get sidetracked by the 100 other things I have to get done and by the time I get back to my writing I am too tired or it is very late and then I end up putting it off again. i have also been working on the new webpage and collaborating with various groups and people in a effort to get the first book some promotion and sales. There are days where I wonder if I have bitten off more than I can chew with this  author project of mine , it has blown up into this huge undertaking that I had not anticipated when I started! As with all endeavors of mine I do not seem to know how to do anything small and compact I just have to somehow end up make it bigger and more a workload on myself and mushroom a anthill into a mountain! This s going to be another short post, as this one was intended to introduce the new website and post a small update. To all my readers Bright Blessings!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Bit of publishing news...

I have now put my book, "The Darkened Path Book 1: The Burden" up for sale on Scribd, Tomely,,  and very soon into a new book store about to be published by my friend in Spain, it is still in the works of being set up completely however I have permission to add the link littlebigbookstore to further promote my friend's venture into listing everyone's books onto her site. Check back to her link periodically to find out when it is opened completely and then you can add your own books to her store! For further information please check out this group page set up by her on Facebook-->  facebookgroup  Another friend of mine has asked to be mentioned and his name and webpage can be found here--> Aaron R. Roberts  his page is dedicated to others wishing to share their blogs. books and other work, please help us all support our fellow authors and vendors!! I am working hard to get myself seen, read about, published, and sold! also very soon, you will all get to see my brand new website on that I will have completely finished by the weekend's end, and that will showcase my books, my blogs, and a small web store highlighting some of my personal products that I make here in my home. Everyone that has seen "Ravenwolf's Blog of Witchy Workings" on my blog list knows that I am a practicing Pagan and I have listed tons of recipes and spell crafts on that blog. I have decided to see whether or not others will be interested in some of my already made products on a order by request basis. We all know it is somewhat easier to order a product that is already made by someone that has experience and knowledge in crafting them. In my 16 years' of practice I have learned to formulate several types of oils, powders, Spell and Charm bags, Voodoo Dolls, spell jars and bottles, and a host of other arts and crafts.  Well tonight is a busy night, I have a few more things to be doing, A author's work is never done, so Goodnight my readers and Blessed Be to All!!  

Monday, January 6, 2014

New Cover Art for Book 2

I just finished the new cover for my second book. I am steadily working on it and I am up to 31 pages and into the second chapter detailing various recipes and instructions for Banishment and Reversal spell work and crafts. There have been a few setbacks and issues preventing me from moving full steam ahead, but with each page I write I get closer to my goal of having it done by the end of January. I will attempt to go for 300 pages and that is about 10 pages or so a day. Below is my cover art and I hope everyone finds it tasteful. I felt the picture on the front was a fitting choice for the title, and as you can see on the back text that is basically the gist of what the second book will mostly cover. We will delve into the past 16 years of my magical journey and experiences I have went through and overcome, and there will be snippets of other subjects of my personal life during this past year tio bring us up to present day,  along with my recipes, charms, spells, and techniques and how to be using them. The color of the text and title is mean to be silver although I will not know what "silver" will look like until I get a printed copy of the proof of my book. I am scrambling like mad rabbit to find every scrap of notes and bits and pieces of my drafts, journal entries and even blog  pages. Recapturing every word I have written. Typing, copying and pasting it all down onto a manuscript the size of a 6x9 square is becoming somewhat stressful and I have found myself awake at all hours until even daylight working  fixedly on just one thing trying to word it right and get the ideas flowing correctly. I am having a much harder time with this book than the first one as far as piecing it together. I keep finding words and phrases from drafts and other pages I have already written down that need tweaking and editing, and recipes that need upgrading or added into, and when a new idea pops in my head I write that one down too and realize oh there's another page I have to add into a chapter somewhere and make it fit. I apologize for the short post, I am swamped to my eyes in other things at home and I need sleep it is 4:23am here. Good night everyone and Blessed Be!