Sunday, August 7, 2016

A new era is coming... 8/7/2016

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings, I have fantastic news to report. The first installment of "Hearts On Fire" is "this close" to being finished! Last night I made it to page 196, with a robust 64,697 words written so far. I will not go into details per se, but let us say the merging between Tristan and Lucan was a rather brutal scene, it was actually hard to write and I even got a bit emotional while typing out the particulars, as that sort of thing isn't really up my alley of things to write about. However, the resulting scene that came afterwards was really uplifting, and Serena Drake has just gotten herself a jaw dropping eyeful of one drop dead sexy, newly merged Dragon God, but she is not too sure she likes the new and improved Tristan all that well just yet. How I wish I could somehow procure a picture of what that might look like, but when you all read the slick details you will get the idea. Oh, and the previous plans of Lucan and the High Elder have been unveiled in a very unconventional twist of events. In the world of Dragons and Humans, nothing is conventional and nowhere near "normal".

The world of Draconia and the human realm is set to be dawned upon a new era, as Dragon and Human worlds merge together, and it all begins with the birth of a Princess,who is unlike anything the society of Draconia has seen for centuries. The Dragon Goddess will come into her own, and when the love of Twin Flame Mates reaches it's full manifestation, it will set the world of Human and Draconia ablaze. The question is, will two destined hearts burn with passion, or will they scorch everything to ash? I will leave you all to chew on that bit of fat, and also to gaze upon the new cover art for the second book, here ye go....