Thursday, September 24, 2015

9-25-2015 A short Update...

Hey y'all I'm back for a bit. I am feverishly writing, and I have gotten to a crossroads in my second book. I am currently writing a very difficult and bitter sweet scenario and situation in Chapter 4 that is filled with a lot of emotional intensity and I am somewhat struggling to get it all on paper properly so I can do it justice. Let me say that love in all of its forms is a wild thrashing behemoth that is very difficult and when it is actually your own life it is doubly hard to actually write into words! I said September was going to be magical and yes it has been so. I am not enthused with Mercury Retrograde throwing a monkey wrench into my publishing deadline that I had set for myself , however..I suppose it is probably again for the best. I do very much hope that all the delays I have had trying to get this book written and published will be well worth the effort and the setbacks and constant struggles will be well rewarded!  Great works are not written in a day! I will return soon when I have something greater to write about..just popping in for a update, Blessed Be Everyone!!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

September Is Going To Be Magical!

Hello Everyone and Bright Blessings to All! I got some uplifting news to write about this week! Book 2 is about to be done..and cross your fingers and hope for a side novel to go with it!! I have been burning up the Word program trying to finish this second book, and then I decided to create a companion novel to go along with it. September is going to be magical I can feel it!  After these two are published I am taking a break from The Darkened Path works to focus on some other writing projects but rest assured I will definitely return to The Darkened Path, as the story to one's life is never fully complete! Between the two books I currently have 45,163 words written and about 70 pages in one and 80 pages in the other. I will post a picture of the new book cover soon! These two books will be somewhat shorter than The Journey Begins, I am aiming for 120 pages for each one, however it might become a bit more as go along. This is going to be a short post, I have a lot of work to do and minutes are ticking by!  Have a great week and I will return soon!