Sunday, February 2, 2014

Book 2 update..2/2/14

Hello to everyone and Bright Blessings to you all! I'm just popping in for  a minute to update some information about my second book. I have decided that I will take some material from book 2, that I was originally going to write in it, and divide it and create book 3. The title to book 3 will be "The Darkened Path Book 3: Beyond the Veil" and will feature my work and knowledge on Ghosts, Spirits, various Clairvoyant and Empathetic exercises and skills, and of course recipes and charms and tips about how best to work with and develop our abilities, to aide us in peering into the Veil and contacting those entities and enhancing our knowledge of the world Beyond The Veil.  I am becoming overwhelmed and stressed with trying to cram everything that I originally intended to write into a second book. I feel that breaking it into more manageable sections and less chapters will give me more edge into getting everything written and published like I want it to be. It may be less chapters and slightly shorter books, but it also less mental strain for me as a writer. I will be tweaking the cover of book 2, changing the title a bit and editing the information on the back cover. Until then.. please don't hesitate to take a trek into  The Darkened Path Book 1 and read about me and my personal story. This was my first foray into publishing, and at the time I felt a strong urge to release the demons that haunted my younger life like a spectre from the darkest of nightmares. The first book was somewhat a theraputic release for me, I was brave enough to put it out there and share it with the world..there were certain scenes that brought back painful memories and I even cried and went through a plethora of wild and seething emotions whilst writing some of them. Digging up the dirt from the past is very harsh and having to confront the demons.. even harsher..  some of you that read through those chapters, might relate and understand, and even find inspiration and strength in knowing that you are not alone and you are not the only one that has experienced pain and suffering of the cruelest kinds. It has shaped and molded me into who I am now. Without those experiences I would not be the strong and independent woman I am right now.