Monday, August 31, 2015

The Journey Begins, Promotional Offer Set For September 2, 2015!!

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings, I came in to update everyone that may be reading this post,  to a important announcement concerning The Darkened Path series. Starting September 2, 2015 at midnight and continuing until September 9, 2015, The Darkened Path,The Journey Begins  will go on a Kindle Countdown Promotion, and the starting price is set at $0.99 USD ! Don't miss out on your special opportunity to get my first book on September 2-3, 2015 for DIRT CHEAP! Of course after that, the price rises by dollar increments back to the original price of $4.99  There is only going to be ONE promotion done for this book until the Yule holiday so hurry over to Amazon Kindle and do a bit of early Holiday shopping! As always, the Paperback Version is available for a modest price of $9.00, should some of you  like a copy to place among your favorite tomes at home.  
 I have shared this Promotional idea to well over 100K people today, and more to come, as I have been social media jumping as fast as I can go, and copy/pasting links and status updates all over cyber universe. now let's see some sales manifest quite soon shall we??

I am still creeping along on The Witch of Lone Oak, I swear to you this book is taking a ridiculous amount of energy and time to write and I am quite vexed over what feels like a jinx on my ability to finish it!  I have started a couple of pages on Book 3, of which the title and cover I have not decided on yet. I am waiting on the designing muse to strike for Book 3. I started Book 3 as a way to get the creative juices flowing and see if that may infuse some positive energy towards getting the second book done. Sometimes you have to focus on another writing project for awhile, to take a break from a stalled project that proves to be exhausting and troublesome. I am looking at what I call "writer's burnout", I am spinning the wheel and not moving at a productive an stimulating pace, which ends up with me frustrated, stressed and feeling mentally frazzled. I have to be in the right mood to actually sit and write, or else it feels like a dreaded chore and I do not enjoy it. I have a lot more free time on my hands since school started back for the kids, so now I can really grab the writing beast by the balls and get with the program! I hope everyone is having a good week,  I am going to depart for now and I will be back soon! Don't forget September 2nd!!  Mark it on your calendars and remind yourself to go check into Amazon Kindle for your $0.99 copy of the Darkened Path The Journey Begins!!    

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Book Progress Update 8-11-2015

Hi everyone and Bright Blessings!  I got a minute to update some of my progress. I am now up to
38, 378 words and tonight I wrote 2,209 words tonight, and I am into the year 2013 time period of the Bio  section of my book "The Darkened Path The Witch Of Lone Oak" or "Book 2" for short. I am also busy ripping and editing some of my notes, journals and other materials to add into the chapters and spell sections.. So its copy this old handwritten note or entry into a separate word document page, copy and paste that new transcript section onto a particular page of the book where I need it to go, blend it into the story line so that it fits in like a seamless puzzle piece, type some more to fill in some gaps. Go back, repeat, start again...I have about 40 pages of Spells, Charms, etc. to copy and transcript, and at least a year and a half's worth of journal entries to do.    

I swear the more I dig into my notes and other stuff the more hidden gems I find and the question is whether or not to add it in for this book or leave it for the next book. If I take more time and make myself go through every single scrap of it all I am sure I have enough material to have half of the third book written already! The other day I was reading something that I wrote on a piece of paper, it was copied down in regular graphite pencil, and looking pretty faded and I don't even remember writing it at the time! I was sitting there thinking "What was I doing and Where was I when I wrote this down??" Then came another two or three pages to add in while I sat there remembering details and scenery. I will eventually have to copy some of these very old gems of mine onto a word document so the original wording isn't lost or destroyed. I placed the worn looking, slightly faded paper into a clear protector sleeve to preserve the original copy. That is a written memory and a time in my life I cannot get back or go back and replace and there is only just one recorded copy of it for now. After I publish the second book, I will take a wee break from The Darkened Path series to focus on a very special project for a third book. I need some time to pass to percolate material and to amass knowledge to include into the third installment The Darkened Path series.        

I have a fantastic idea for the third book, I may get to include a secondary real life character and write their perspective and their "voice" into this third book's story line, but I have to run it by them first and gain their explicit and formal permission to borrow and use their words, thoughts, idea, etc. etc. If I am allowed this very special permission, I promised to include their name into my third book as a contributing author,so that the name can appear on the front cover under mine. Some of you reading this blog post know who this  character is I am speaking of, and you know how special this would be for me to have this opportunity!! You have to be very careful when including someone else's words and their character and incorporating their "voice" into your work in a authentic and non fiction storyline, using quotes, thought forms, wording, and descriptions must be accurate and no chopping or editing anything to fit the good parts into a specific scene and leaving out bits and pieces that are crucial to the story. So the third book will be extra painstakingly special!             

School for my son has started back so now I am starting my day at 6 am and I usually start the morning half awake with coffee and headache medicine, I walk the boy out the door to school at 7:15, spend the rest of my day trying to keep my younger daughter entertained and the chores done, by 2:45 I am ready for a nap, but I have to go back and pick up my son, come home, start dinner, help with the homework, and make it through the usual afternoon madness until maybe 9:30 pm then it's bedtime for the kids. Then maybe..if I am in the right mood I get into Word and try to type a page or two. for now my lovelies i am going to is 4 am here is the US and this witchy woman needs some beauty sleep! I will be back soon and Blessings to all!