Sunday, July 26, 2015

Update for July 26, 2015

Well another month has went by, we are settled into the new apartment and life has resumed somewhat into a schedule, which that is going to shift again when my son goes back to school on August 5th. I uploaded my book files again, and Goddess and God willing nothing happens to it this time!! I am now up to 117 pages and 36,169 words. I finished 6 pages and 1920 words tonight in 3 hours.  I edited my cover for the second book here I will upload a picture and see if y'all like it and if you don't you can tell me why or why not.
If it is too dark or something I would like to know suggestions on how to make it a better image, this was created using KDP Cover Creator and it is not the final book cover yet.  I have been playing with book covers for ages now trying to decide what I want to use. I have a surprise for you all.. a bit of a teaser for the second book!! Taken from page 21, chapter 2.  This scene was a pivotal and life changing moment for me in ways that will resonate with me forever.

There was this one day, that I had been having a very bad depressive episode, I was in my kitchen, brooding to myself that I wished that something or someone could come into my life and give me a reason and a purpose to keep going and how it was that my life was very lonely and I felt very alone and a lot of areas in my life were extremely lacking and unfulfilling.
Right at that second, like he was summoned by some unseen force to come and answer my brooding request, Chris came to my back door, and said he was there to fix the hinge that was broken on the screen door.  At first I was struck completely dumb silent, not able to speak or even comprehend what just happened.  I was probably standing there like a village idiot with my mouth dropped open and slightly pale, and staring in silent shock at the suddenly indescribably beautiful man that the sunlight illuminated in the shadow of my doorstep. Goddess and God do indeed answer when you need it the most!"   
Chris is a real life person in my life and he plays a very important part in the story and how he changes my life in ways I did not think would ever happen. I guess you'll have to read the book itself to find out why! I have three more years worth of timelines to write in and to finish filling in and editing the second section of Spells, Recipes, and Instruction, and then hopefully I can publish. My original intention of having it all done by July 4th obviously did not happen much to my frustration.
This second book is taking what seems to be forever to get finished and I was not prepared to  have to be taking so much time to get it even halfway done. I wrote, and published the first book in 3 straight weeks!!  This second installment to the series has been shot full of setbacks, disasters, and general crappy luck as if some low level demonic prankster has decided to hijack my ability to actually finish it!  I don't have writer's block or anything keeping the ideas from flowing, and isn't like I don't have a shite ton of material to work with, I  just seem to constantly be having trouble with getting the time and the rhythm going in sync to where I can sit down, start typing, and make something happen. It is not like me to start something and then have to put it down and not get it finished and me having to put this off repeatedly is quite annoying because I feel like I am being unproductive.  I suppose I shall go now,  it is 4:30 am here and i should be asleep instead of sitting here blogging! Bright Blessings everyone!!