Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Website Published Today.

I would like to announce the unveiling of my new website  The Darkened Path. I created this site to enhance the exposure of my book(s) and to provide my readers a "real" place to go, so they may join, give insights, post, comment, leave messages, shop, and explore my personal world of Pagan practice, as well as give you all the low down about who I am and what I'm about. It is currently just a basic set up until I can gather the funds to make it more professional and engaging both to myself and to my readers and subscribers. I will be very happy when I can fully utilize all the features that come with the monthly/yearly subscription fees. Basic set up is going to have to be acceptable to me for the moment. I am also going to resurrect my old google site up from the dead and try to polish it up a bit too, I have not touched it in months and I almost forgot I made it.  Book two in the Darkened path series is coming along slowly, I am on page 32, in chapter 2 and covering Banishment, Reversal and Protection magic and information. At times I feel like I am never going to get this book done there is so much I need to copy, edit, paste, re write, add in, and work on with this one.  I honestly had no idea I really had so much material to try and manipulate into flowing articulated chapters and actually make it look easy to follow and make sense of. Like usual, my sense of timing on this is going to be off again, I said I would have this done by end of January but to my frustration it is not going as planned. I seem to start working on a page or two and then I get sidetracked by the 100 other things I have to get done and by the time I get back to my writing I am too tired or it is very late and then I end up putting it off again. i have also been working on the new webpage and collaborating with various groups and people in a effort to get the first book some promotion and sales. There are days where I wonder if I have bitten off more than I can chew with this  author project of mine , it has blown up into this huge undertaking that I had not anticipated when I started! As with all endeavors of mine I do not seem to know how to do anything small and compact I just have to somehow end up make it bigger and more a workload on myself and mushroom a anthill into a mountain! This s going to be another short post, as this one was intended to introduce the new website and post a small update. To all my readers Bright Blessings!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Bit of publishing news...

I have now put my book, "The Darkened Path Book 1: The Burden" up for sale on Scribd, Tomely, IAuthor.com,  and very soon into a new book store about to be published by my friend in Spain, it is still in the works of being set up completely however I have permission to add the link littlebigbookstore to further promote my friend's venture into listing everyone's books onto her site. Check back to her link periodically to find out when it is opened completely and then you can add your own books to her store! For further information please check out this group page set up by her on Facebook-->  facebookgroup  Another friend of mine has asked to be mentioned and his name and webpage can be found here--> Aaron R. Roberts  his page is dedicated to others wishing to share their blogs. books and other work, please help us all support our fellow authors and vendors!! I am working hard to get myself seen, read about, published, and sold! also very soon, you will all get to see my brand new website on webs.com that I will have completely finished by the weekend's end, and that will showcase my books, my blogs, and a small web store highlighting some of my personal products that I make here in my home. Everyone that has seen "Ravenwolf's Blog of Witchy Workings" on my blog list knows that I am a practicing Pagan and I have listed tons of recipes and spell crafts on that blog. I have decided to see whether or not others will be interested in some of my already made products on a order by request basis. We all know it is somewhat easier to order a product that is already made by someone that has experience and knowledge in crafting them. In my 16 years' of practice I have learned to formulate several types of oils, powders, Spell and Charm bags, Voodoo Dolls, spell jars and bottles, and a host of other arts and crafts.  Well tonight is a busy night, I have a few more things to be doing, A author's work is never done, so Goodnight my readers and Blessed Be to All!!  

Monday, January 6, 2014

New Cover Art for Book 2

I just finished the new cover for my second book. I am steadily working on it and I am up to 31 pages and into the second chapter detailing various recipes and instructions for Banishment and Reversal spell work and crafts. There have been a few setbacks and issues preventing me from moving full steam ahead, but with each page I write I get closer to my goal of having it done by the end of January. I will attempt to go for 300 pages and that is about 10 pages or so a day. Below is my cover art and I hope everyone finds it tasteful. I felt the picture on the front was a fitting choice for the title, and as you can see on the back text that is basically the gist of what the second book will mostly cover. We will delve into the past 16 years of my magical journey and experiences I have went through and overcome, and there will be snippets of other subjects of my personal life during this past year tio bring us up to present day,  along with my recipes, charms, spells, and techniques and how to be using them. The color of the text and title is mean to be silver although I will not know what "silver" will look like until I get a printed copy of the proof of my book. I am scrambling like mad rabbit to find every scrap of notes and bits and pieces of my drafts, journal entries and even blog  pages. Recapturing every word I have written. Typing, copying and pasting it all down onto a manuscript the size of a 6x9 square is becoming somewhat stressful and I have found myself awake at all hours until even daylight working  fixedly on just one thing trying to word it right and get the ideas flowing correctly. I am having a much harder time with this book than the first one as far as piecing it together. I keep finding words and phrases from drafts and other pages I have already written down that need tweaking and editing, and recipes that need upgrading or added into, and when a new idea pops in my head I write that one down too and realize oh there's another page I have to add into a chapter somewhere and make it fit. I apologize for the short post, I am swamped to my eyes in other things at home and I need sleep it is 4:23am here. Good night everyone and Blessed Be!