Monday, December 7, 2015

"Hearts On Fire" ..A New Short story I Am Working On!

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings. I am working on a new short story and below are the details to this fiery hot tale of quirky magic, complicated love, and what kind of madness ensues when you have a High Goddess and a Dragon meddling in your daily affairs! This is will be done very shortly and I will update again when I have it published!

Lucan Drake, Dragon Guardian to Serena, will do anything to protect his appointed ward, she is more precious to him than any jewel in a dragon's hoard, and it is also part of the divine task given to him by the High Goddess,for Serena has a very special path to follow in life. Serena and Tristan,are two star crossed lovers trying to make something tangible work, neither realizing that they were meant to be together from the start, thanks in part to a meddling Dragon and a matchmaking High Goddess, but will they light each other's hearts on fire,or burn each other to cinders? Will Lucan willingly step aside and allow Tristan to have Serena's heart,will he acknowledge that Tristan is worthy of Serena's love, or will he defy the High Goddess and fight Tristan to the death to hold onto his precious treasure?