Sunday, September 30, 2018

"Hearts on Fire; Draconia Rising " is nearing completion!

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings! I apologize profusely for being absent for so long. That mundane thing called "life" that we boring  humans have to slog through on a regular basis, has kept me hopping around like a deranged rabbit trying to find it's way through a maze. I have also been working diligently on making my side business, Sacred Star Herbs and Curios, more than just a part time side gig. I have had moderate success with that so far, but I would love to see it become a full time 40 hour a week endeavor. It will get there eventually, I just have to keep plugging away at it.

A slight setback in my college courses, has unintentionally given me a much needed break to get other things done that were falling behind. I intend to sort out that problem with the school, and re-enroll by the end of October. I'm not going $30K in debt just to not graduate, that would be unacceptable. I know a lot of college students burn out and just end up dropping out,and other things happen that prevent them from keeping up with their courses, and a host of other issues, but that is not me, I can't bring myself to do it. Take a break yes, drop out entirely, nope , not happening if I can avoid it.

 March 13th we adopted a sweetheart in the form of a black teenage kitty named "Grimm" from the shelter. She is supposedly about 2 years old, however her 7 pound petite frame suggests that she is not quite that old yet. "Grimm" is quite the oxymoron, as she exudes a aura of sweet innocence and   has a shy yet loving demeanor. She is sometimes still skittish,jumpy, doesn't like being held too much, and shows signs of not having such a great life before we got her. Those first couple of months were hard on my heart, watching her spook and run at the slightest thought of someone trying to snatch or chase her, she acted like my husband was out to get her, or he was going to hurt her.That lead me to believe she might have been abused or treated badly by a man or something traumatic happened to her causing some concerning PTSD type behaviors. The funny part to me is that  LOVES  my hateful mood swinging Smokey, and he in turn loves her in his own surly way. I never thought in my life that he would ever allow another cat in the house, let alone form a reasonable sort of affectionate bond with one. He will be 6 in December, so perhaps he is mellowing out in his middle aged years. In contrast , Grimm has a very quiet and squeaky voice, whereas Smoky is t times very loud and insistent. As mentioned above, Grimm weighs 7 pounds, where Smoky is now a whopping 15 pounds. I guess opposites do attract in certain ways.

So anyway back to my book update, "Hearts on Fire Draconia Rising" as we last saw, was on page 40, and I ended up introducing a rather unusual kitty. Now, after months of stops, starts, delays, and writer's block. I am happy to announce that the book is nearly finished!  This update is copied from my author Facebook Page...
I have decided that "Hearts on Fire; Draconia Rising" is going to be sort of a cliffhanger, and the story line will resume into the next book in the series. My reason for this being that there is a lot of writing to be done, to flesh out the story and for each character their "book time". There is literally no way that I can cram it all in one book, it just will not fit, and come out even halfway decent. I abhor choppy story lines that are sparse of detail and imagination. So with that, I also wanted to announce that the current book is nearly finished! I was planning on 110-120 pages, and I am on page 95! Woop go me!" 

As you can tell, I was quite excited to announce that, and I am sure the 1,000+ people that see my page everyday were interested to know the news. There are a few "Adult" scenes between our main characters in this upcoming book, however they are very tasteful and some would call them subdued, by today's standards, where books are written with 10 sex scenes every three chapters, in almost embarrassing detail. I have seen a few that were literally two steps away from being straight up porn, and to me that is just too much.. Call me modest or a prude, but I feel that certain things should be kept somewhat clean, and not everything needs to be revealed or written about in such detail. I get that some authors probably need to have a outlet for all their suppressed, unfulfilled fantasies and such, but I am not one of them. You all remember Anna, our disgraced High Goddess? Well she has become a quite nasty and scary character, she has decided that literally there is no low she won't go, in order to achieve her end. Her time is coming, just not yet. she is essential to the developing story that will continue into book 3, so I have to keep her around and kicking for a bit longer. Tristan has his work cut out for him right now, tending to a ever worsening crises in Draconia, and Serena has stepped into a entirely new lifestyle that she never dreamed was ever possible for her. she better enjoy it while it lasts, because literally all hell is about to break loose, thanks to our nefarious Anna.

I will leave you now with those tidbits,  I will be back very soon. A new book awaits its final few pages and one more editing spree. Until then, Blessed Be, and Happy Samhain!