Monday, October 19, 2015

The Darkened Path: Shades Of Darkness Is Published!

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings!  I wanted to make the announcement that "The Darkened Path:Shades of Darkness" by S.M. Tillson, is now published to Amazon, and is available in both Kindle and Print versions!! Get your printed copy here --> Print Edition  for the read worthy price of $5.50. Alternatively, you can also get the E-book Edition which is $2.99! The E-book edition is also available on Smashwords Publishing, for those of you that use their site and services.
Also, I wanted to announce a price change for "The Darkened Path: The Journey Begins", E-book edition, which is now set at $2.99, this is HALF of the original price! I also changed up the cover for the Kindle version for that book as well, because it matches up well with the newest addition to the Darkened Path series! I will not be changing the Printed version's cover just yet, that takes a bit more editing and tweaking on Cover Creator, so that the cover for the print version can be submitted without errors.
Take a road less traveled into the world of a real life practicing Witch, and learn 100 pages worth of Spells, Formulas, and bits of Wisdom that are guaranteed to add some magical OOMPH to your life! This new installment of The Darkened Path series, goes enchantingly deep into the real life, actually created and cast, Spells and Magical workings that are briefly touched upon in the book "The Darkened Path the Witch Of Lone Oak", (which to date is still a work in progress) I am trying extremely hard to keep the time line in conjunction with each Spell listed in this new book that I just published, so that it all blends together exactly in order. that is a lot harder to do than it sounds!  Rest assured that I am working hard and typing frantically to step up the pace and get it finished!  
Stay Tuned for more publishing news about The Darkened Path and it's magically gifted author S.M. Tillson!  Bright Blessings to everyone and I shall return soon!  

Sunday, October 18, 2015

"The Darkened Path Shades Of Darkness" IS LIVE TOMORROW

I'm exhausted, my eyes are about to bleed, I'm half asleep and working on the third pot of Starbucks French Roast,..but I am very pleased to announce that FINALLY.. "The Darkened Path Shades Of Darkness", the first companion novella of a brand new series addition to the autobiographical accounts of "The Darkened Path" books..has been finished, and the first novella is in the process of being published to Amazon, right as I sit here typing this post! I now have 100 pages of completely original , one of a kind, Magical Practice, Spells, Instructions, Recipes, and plenty of tidbits, for all of my Pagan readers to check into! These Spells and Recipes and tidbits are touched upon, but not elaborated or fully explained in "The Darkened Path: The Witch Of Lone Oak" because I felt like those needed to be further explained and enhanced in a entirely different way, and presented to the world as a new series project. I am a fully practicing, modern day, real life Witch, and every page that you will read in Shades of Darkness is my very special, one of a kind, very personal spells, recipes, and wisdom that I have accumulated over a good stretch of time. There shall be much more to come from on that end now on!
Also right this minute, "The Darkened Path, The Witch Of Lone Oak" is nearly done too, I have a year's worth of scenes and time frame to write still, and then I am finished! I was just so ridiculously close to finishing the companion novella I wanted to just get it done and get it published, and it was screaming at me to finish and publish it. Yes, 100 pages is kinda skinny when it comes to a book. But I stopped at 100 pages, because I want these novellas to be small but powerful sources of great and invaluable information that get right to the heart of the matter!  I hope very much to see Witch Of Lone Oak finished by the end of the month, seeing as the companion novella I just had set up for publishing and file review is also tied intimately into that book too. If progress is made like this past weekend..then yes I will achieved that goal! i'm going to go for now my pets...this witch is ready for a power nap!