Monday, May 20, 2013

slaving away on my books! Working on a new title!

   Hello to my readers and Blessed Be to you all! So far I have chapter one done and part of chapter two. The first chapter consists of cleansing spells and tips, and spells and information for creating charged water and my own personal recipe for Holy oil. Chapter two will be about Banishment and Reversal of people, energies, and issues from your life, home, and sacred space.  I am slowly but steadily working on the companion book to Journey Of The black Wolf, which will be titled "The Black Wolf"s Book of Spells and Charms". I have more material to work with and add into that book and it will not take so long to write and you all will have a glimpse into my Crafts and Practices as a Solitary Pagan. I have a mixed bag of magical practices that include, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Santeria, Southern Root Work, Folk Magic, and many other southern and ethnic flavored ideas and theories. I also practice various divinatory methods such as Tarot, Pendulum work, Crystal and Mirror scrying,  Dreams, Astral Travel and other types of Divination as that was what  originally started me onto the Pagan Path to begin with. I am a natural Clairvoyant and Empath, that is my strongest talent aside from working on spells and things that require me to have my hands and brain busy. I'm one of those that actually has to see a visual or physical manifestation my work being done and a finished product or material. It makes me feel as if I actually accomplished  a goal and something about tangible realistic results satisfies my need for some kind of proof that I done something to make my desires or wishes manifest. Which is why you all will see massive ingredient lists to my formulas and lengthy complicated looking steps instructions to a spell or working that I am trying to convey to the reader. I have no problem of making a recipe for a powder with 25 separate ingredients and working a spell that takes half the night to finish. It makes me happy!!! 
   I'm also known to step a toe over to the "dark" side once in awhile because there are just some days where being all Light and Love just isn't going to cut it. Some people divide Magick into "Light" and Dark", and follow one path or another specifically. However there cannot be just Light and no Darkness and no Darkness without the Light and both must exist as a duality. I have had experiences where a darker imaged spirit will work with me or come to me instead of a light bearing one and I accept what comes and what he/she/they are offering in the way of help or advice and trying to reveal me in response to the work I am doing or the favor I am asking. there is a word out there in the "Dark" circles that describes me and the term is "Good-Dark", which to me actually makes perfect sense as at the time of my birth it was during the last quarter moon and several times I have had dark themed spirits and entities make contact with me during a working instead of the "light" themed spirits or entity I was originally asking for the favor.

One of my particular favorites is Saint Holy Death, and another is the Morrigan.  Yes those are from two entirely unrelated spectrums as far as culture is concerned but they both have appeared to me and Holy Death I have a personal thing with, as when I was born I was  not expected to survive because of very poor birth prematurity. Mom was 24 weeks and I was technically supposed to have been a stillbirth, spontaneous abortion. Back in the 80's most babies born like that had very slim odds. Instead of Death taking away another child (I was the third "lost" pregnancy), she stepped back and made a decision on my behalf and decided to take the other 5 children born in the NICU that were actually healthier and stronger than me. I was the only one that survived, the frailest and weakest as far as health and mortality was concerned, to me that was a high sacrifice to the other families to have to endure just for my sake. One tiny barely alive baby gets to live but 5 other healthier stronger infants suddenly all die from a heart condition or failure to thrive? But if Death herself grants you the favor to live when she could have just as well taken you.. well you better be appreciating her like the Saint that she is!!  The Morrigan is a Irish Goddess of  wars, death, and sovereignity and a triple goddess. Her form is the crow/raven and the wolf. This speaks to my predominantly Irish ancestry and that I seem have two guardian animals , the wolf (dog) and the crow (raven). there is a crow that lives in the wooded lot behind my apartment that likes to fly around where I happen to be and make alot of racket when I am outside, its always the same one and I swear it waits for me to come outside everyday. I have always attracted dogs and cats to me from nowhere.  both act are the same way, ive never seen a cat  or dog that didn't not come to me when called or suddenly find me to ask for attention or food. Currently visiting here is a solid white male stray that makes his rounds here once a week, and good luck usually follows him in some way or form. First time I saw him on my porch was the day I had my lease renewed after a eviction problem and was renewed without a hitch. That cat now gets tuna and milk every time he is here!

   But enough about my oddball rambling, I shouldn't bore my readers with me oddities and weirdness LOL!  now for some serious stuff. Starting next week about Tuesday I will be starting a new job along with trying to write this book and manage my online stores and other things I try to work on. I finally got the 40hr a week job I've been asking for for weeks now. so updates and my weird musings will possibly dwindle down to the weekend hours when I am not utterly exhausted. I will be working on my book every hour that I get to write a page or a chapter. Until then..MerryPart to all and have a great week!