Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Get Your E-book copy for $1.99!

Hello everyone and Blessed Be! I am updating to inform you all of a price change and a extended distribution change for The Darkened Path Book 1: The Journey Begins. This title has now been included into KDP Select and Kindle Matchbook. Now you can have your e-book copy for $1.99 if you have a  Prime Membership, and if by chance you don't have one yet, then you are missing out on a lot of great deals!  As of tomorrow for the USA, and 72 hours from now in several other countries and time zones, the Kindle version price has gone up to $4.99 however that is the exact half of the cost for the print version so you're still getting a nice 50% in savings! Of course, for those who wish to purchase the print version that is available for a  cost of $9.00 and you can keep your book on your shelves with your collection of prized tomes forever! While you are busy delving deep into a real life story of the author filled with  heart pounding scenes of the first in the series of The Darkened Path , I am also busy writing fervently into the next installment for your enjoyment!

I must confess to my regret, that the writing is going slower than I wish it to be..I am also in the process of trying to find another apartment to relocate to due to unforeseen circumstances in regards to my lease being terminated where I currently live.  So right now it is write two or three paragraphs, and then go out and do the 50 other things I have to do, I have to be moved completely out of this apartment by May 30, 2015, so this lifestyle change that is being forced on me is somehat of a setback. Inching along is so not my style, when I start something I have to finish it or it will drive me mad and torture me relentlessly until I get it done. On the bright side this move and the situation surrounding it provides me with a chapter or two to be including in Book 2! You seriously have to see the silver lining in the black clouds and not let disasters impede progress! I am going to be away for a bit, but rest assured I will update as soon as I am able and when time and circumstances allow, until then, Bright Blessings to All!  

Friday, April 17, 2015

Returning to The Darkened Path..

It is with much jubilation that I report some great news, after months of me stressing and tinkering with my aggravting computer, a miracle somehow happened and I have managed to get it restored and back to working like it should be! I spent most of today getting the restoration process initialized and rebooting and the tooth grinding, headache inducing, amount of patience I exercised was well worth it! Now I can begin my travels down The Darkend Path again and resume where I left off with the writing, and I have tons more now to add into it, I have spent the last three months gathering more material and there have been several events happening lately that will definitley be incorporated into the story line! To date I have sold two e-book copies of The Darkened Path Book 1 since December 2014, and I very much hope to see more readers absorbing themselves into my work!

Due to me having to suddenly move and scramble to find another apartment or home by May 30th, writing will be slow because I have 100 other things to be doing and time is scarce. what relieves me the most at the moment is at least now I have a Microsoft Word program again, and I can renew my efforts to finish book 2.  I am returning to The Darkened Path series and writing with a fervent fury until it is finished! For now, I encourage my readers to lose themselves into The Darkened Path Book 1:The Journey Begins    and embark on a journey of a lifetime!