Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hello to my readers and Blessed Be! I have now set up a amazon account and will be publishing a book about my personal experiences in my path as a eclectic Pagan. The book in itself is a partial biographical work, featuring excerpts from my own life and from the lives of people and situations surrounding me that have so far shaped and influenced me on my Path to Enlightenment, The entire book will consist of every type of paranormal, supernatural, spiritual, and magical happening that has ever happened in my life, and details of my journey, and everything i have so far learned and experinced as a solitary Pagan in my 30 years in this lifetime. There will be a series companion of this book consisting of my own personal spells, recipes for all of my personal oils, powders,and spell crafts, herbal mixtures, titled "The Black Wolf's Book of Spells and Crafts", I have not decided yet whether or not the companion book will be a ongoing venture or whether or not i will keep adding to it as a updated series. I will see how the initial response is from readers before I continue.
Also, there shall be a character created entirely to himself by the name of "Tristian the Black". "Tristian" is the name of my familiar spiritual guide and his form is a black wolf. I decided to give him a name and a complete personality and his own spiritual and emotional character in this book, to further detail and emphasize the role of spiritual guides, totem animals, and familiars associated with the Pagan path and the importance of having them integrated within the Pagan societies and what we Pagans learn and experience through interaction and correspondence with them. 

   In some chapters of the upcoming book, you all will see "Tristian's" point of view, his ideas, thoughts, feelings,and perceptions of the new world he experiences through the eyes, mind, and body, of his human female companion. He is bound to guide and protect on her journey throughout her natural life in this world until she dies.."Tristian's" new task, given to him by The God and Goddess,until Serita physically dies,and he is given back his wolf body in the next life, is to now bond with,  protect, teach, and guide the human girl. His soul and spiritual essence was planted into her as she was conceived, and after she was born, his spirit is reincarnated fully after the child's birth in order to help her survive the traumatic pregnancy,he is fully reborn again as a human child, as penance for killing a human in his former wolf body when he was a living animal in his previous life. He now gets to see and understand the human world and learn how humans act, feel, and live, and why and how they do things that he would not have understood in his wolf mind. Since he is now reincarnated into a female human body, and she bieng a witch at that, he is also on his own journey to enlightenment. He must learn to meld, blend, shift, and adapt to bieng "human" and learn and understand certain powers and gifts that The God and Goddess gift unto us humans,that he did not have as a wolf, while still bieng be true to himself. The human must bond with a wild wolf, and the wolf must become the human and they both must manage to coexist in order to learn and survive in a world where both Pagan and Wolf are feared,, hated, loved and respected.   
    What suprises ,shocks  and wonders will we both have in store for us throughout this life? Both human and animal must learn to coexist and meld together in harmony and unity inside themselves in order to survive, grow, and learn. How will we confront our daily challenges and tribulations and trials of living in a modern day world where to be "different " and "abnormal" is not accepted or tolerated? Can Tristain learn to accept, conform, and mold into his human embodimenet long enough to make it back home to his pack in The Next Life? After's not everyday you wake up and realize youre actually inside a human body and youre essentially bound into it until your Higher Power dictates otherwise! 

     As of this writing, chapter 1 is finished, I will update more as I write each chapter to keep everyone informed of my progress. There will be at least 35 (or more?) chapters, with one chapter detailing every year of my life as i remember it from birth up until now, and additional chapters in ""Tristian's" personal views