Monday, June 9, 2014

Working on chapter 3.

Hello to all and Bright Blessings. I apologize profusely for never updating in so long, I have been up to my eyes in trying to find other types of work, writing and re working chapters on Book 2 and then I lost my internet at home for almost 3 weeks and that set me back a lot, you can't really write a blog  post on a itty bitty phone screen!

So, I am up to chapter 3 on my second book, which has had yet another title change, now it is titled "The Darkened Path Book 2: Spells of a Solitary Shadow" I have decided to take this and chop it up into more manageable pieces and create maybe a third and fourth book, so that I can cram 16 years worth of magical experiences, spells, and odds and end and of course include bits and pieces about yours truly. I am up to 16,000 plus words and onto chapter three which details hexes, jinxes, and curses and the causes of how and why these malevolent energies invade our lives and how to remove them and guard yourself and your life from them. Included here is page one of chapter 3.

""Chapter 3: Hex Jinx, and Curse Removal.

Have you had a string of bad luck where nothing goes right, everyone seems to not like or hates the sight of you? They act like they are somehow envious, spiteful and malicious of everything you do and say and even your very presence seems to set someone off?  One day out of the blue, the car breaks down, the power gets shut off on a sudden notice and you’re fighting and squabbling with the neighbor over something trivial? Suddenly your boss or coworkers are just not happy with you and everything you do at work is wrong? Your finances and money situations are at the worst they have been, money seems to be going out faster than it’s coming in? Despite your best efforts and everything you try, you feel like you and everything and everyone around you is having a bad day, and it stays that way every day for weeks or maybe months?

You it seems are cursed, jinxed, hexed, cast the evil eye at. Somehow on the routine course of you day, or during the week or maybe a month ago.. you went by or came across someone or something that decided to just pop into your life and decide it would be a cruel and funny joke to cause havoc and problems at every turn. Or, it’s possible you did something or said the wrong word at the wrong time and either intentionally or unintentionally invited it upon yourself, it does happen that way. It’s not always about someone or something else’s fault, sometimes it is directly your own troubles that you brought on yourself, that is if you have done or said something to cause it. If you do bad things and cause havoc and discord to others and  go about your day trying to make everyone and everything in your life miserable, well perhaps you are just getting your own karma thrown back at you.""

 I also have a favor to ask of the writing communities, authors, bloggers, and anyone else that are possibly reading this blog post..I need some help in promoting my first book located here >>The Darkened Path Book 1, I also have it on Smashwords, Createspace, and several other sites that offer free publishing, there is the print and e-book versions available. Promos and advertisement are we authors' ticket to sales success and we can't be seen or heard about without it. No matter how many books you have published, if you are in sales rank of the 800,000 odd person on the list well there is basically no sales and you are invisible to potential customers because there are that many titles and names above yours trying to get a piece of the pie too. This first publication of mine is very important and dear to me personally , not many of us have the brass to come completely out with a life story spanning 25 years of your secrets and gritty details and situations and people that created you into who you are now. Me ? I say there is nothing gained by remaining I the dark and hiding in the broom closet and scared of the world and what it may or may not do to you. my secrets have come to light and my story needs to be seen and heard! To all my Readers Bright Blessings and have a great day!