Friday, November 29, 2013

Some snippets from Yours Truly.

I apologize for not updating in awhile, I have been steadily gathering materials and notes for my second book and trying to compile it together so I can write it out as I intend it to be. Trying to piece together this year of 2013, and rounding up all of my spells , recipes, and other bits and pieces of knowledge has become a task bigger than I had originally planned, and I am thinking I may have to present some of my spells and witchy workings into the third book when I get to that. Now that I think of that idea, that actually sounds like something more manageable.  If anyone wants a sneak peek into some of the spells and crafts that will be featured in book 2, please go to my other blog titled "Ravenwolf's Blog Of Witchy Workings". There are a smattering of spells that are older and some that are very recently done.  I am open to reader's suggestions as to what types of spells and workings you all would like to see written into my books, I shall do my best to accommodate and  give my readers what they ask of me. I am also open to any opinions or ideas or questioning that my readers can come up with that they would like to understand or find out about.  My talents at spell crafting and casting are extremely varied and come in a wide range of tastes and flavors from the Light and Bright, to the Dark and Dangerous. I have poked a wand into many different things and ideas over the last 16 years!

  My most emphasized section of the second book will most likely be on dream work, ghosts, entities, spirits, astral projection, empathy, and many other types of clairvoyant and psychic phenomena and practice, as I am a Receptive type person. Receptive being as in I can see, hear, feel, and pick up entities, spiritual presence, read vibrations of mood and thought patterns, and energies from people, places, objects, and the general atmosphere. I also have very strong and vivid dreams that range from preemptive to full out of body type projections. I have actually had people swear they have seen me in places I know full well I was not physically there during that time, as it was physically impossible for me to have been there during that time or for the fact I was unable to physically go there to begin with, and others have told me they had the same exact dream as me down to the last detail. Apparently my astro-projected self likes to go and visit people and shock the fear of the devil out of them, and go out and see places and do a bit of time and space travel. Sometimes it is not as strong as it should be and I am not a full expert adept, that takes years of practice and exercise to learn, practice, and comprehend. My most difficult divinatory lessons I have yet to fully learn is reading the Tarot and crystal and mirror gazing, I have a hard time memorizing the many meanings of the cards and crystal and mirror work occasionally gives me a headache and I have concluded that mirrors and crystals just maybe are not my mode of clairvoyant traveling.  I suppose my skill level would be considered intermediate.

 I have days where the "noise" in my head and around me is so intense and bombarding that I have to tune it out and shut it off or else I feel overloaded and frazzled. It becomes like a mass broadcast and jumbles together like someone is channel surfing through tv channels at a rapid pace. It makes my head hurt and I cannot think or feel anything but  a incessant buzzing that  is scattered with random bits and pieces of information and nothing is a coherent string of solid continuance.  I am often accused of being a reclusive hermit and extremely antisocial, hmm just maybe I don't always enjoy being privy to other's emotions and thoughts at times? Negative entities and energies, and people seem to be unusually attracted to me at times and I am heavy into protective and shielding work and occasionally my best efforts at warding off myself from the psychic and energy draining fiends do not always work and  then I find that I am under attack by a unseen force that s determined to wreak havoc with my defenses and my brain.. "Normal" people reading this post are probably questioning my sanity or scoffing at my claims and ideas, I'm sorry cannot be "sane" and "normal" and survive and thrive in this world and face everything in it with tunnel vision and a closed and narrowed mind!  For now my readers I have to go. I think I have ramblend enough and gacve you all enough to ponder about while I am busy trying to string together a coupel more chapters to my newest work. *Blessed Be*

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Price change and other revisions.

  Things are not going well on The Darkened Path series. Thus far there have been literally no sales, a lot of free sample downloads, and what seems to be a lot of constructive critical advice from various sources I have asked for feedback.  It is  meant to enlighten me about how  many atrocious grammatical and editorial errors I have made. 2 out of 4 people are telling me just how bad I have screwed up and that I need to just pull down the entire project and scrap it or else do a complete overhaul and republish. Else I damage my writing reputation even worse? Um, I was not aware I have joined some kind of secret publishing mafia where the slightest grammatical error will get me killed on the spot?  Even so much as a typographical slip up will land me in author's purgatory for the rest of my life. Oh the shame and horror!!

    No, my readers, I am not in the best mood.. it's probably best described as darkly humorous and slightly depressed. I am famous for at least having a sense of dry and dark humor when I am in a bad mood. Sometimes my attempts at being humorous is not considered funny and I can be rather crude about it at times, depending the situation and the actual mood I am in.  I look at life in ways that most would not ever consider "normal" so meh.. Oh, and let me not forget to mention that I apparently need help on my blog posts and how well I set it up and lay it out and what have you.. Despite that,  I seem to see a decent amount of views on here and the other 3 Blogger pages regardless of my occasional butchering the English Language. I suppose I cannot be pleasing everyone and there will always be at least one person that has some exceptionally high standard of excellence, that is not satisfied or happy with anything less than stellar performance.      

     Some reviewers and  communities have given positive feedback and encouragement, which I much appreciate and give many thanks for. I wrote this entire first book, on a Microsoft Office 2010 program, with absolutely NO help from anyone. I do not have the financial resources to actually take up a project with a editor or anyone that can seriously help me properly execute my writing strategy and make it all look and sound absolutely perfect so that I can get it sold.  It took me a mind numbing 2 weeks to write 3/4 of the 242 pages. Perhaps I will be considered as over glorifying myself here..but that book is my entire 30 years of my life, every dark and horrid secret I have kept to myself for years, is written out in graphic and gritty details that most people would probably cringe at even thinking about, let alone actually enduring on a first person basis. Perhaps they need to just read the words on the pages and not be looking at every itty bitty flaw and pay actual attention to the story, and take the time to just maybe find out that it could be worth the few dollars they spent to download or purchase. If not there is such a thing as a return.

  Another idea that has been pointed out to me several times, is the price of my work. I suppose $6.99 is perhaps a bit much to ask, maybe I did not want to publish my work for nothing gained, or for free or that I wanted just to be seen and heard? I'll change the price one more time..maybe to 4.99 but that is the absolute lowest I am going to go, I don't believe in "Free" anything and hard work is supposed to pay. I am not a elephant that works for peanuts and praise, and that is insulting the elephant.  I really do not see that the current price of my work is so much to be asking. It's a very small $0.34 a page. if I am not mistaken, buying a small package of blank copy paper costs about that much if not more?  I am going to stop with the emotional seething for now..  I run the risk of damaging my independent author's poor soul so much that my reputation will be damned for eternity.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Darkened Path is up for Expanded Distribution!

I discovered something today that made me very happy!, the Amazon site I used to publish my book TheDarkenedPath book:1  has finally allowed we publishers the expanded distribution option for free!  before it was $25.00 to add three extra distribution and sales channels, now I can get my work seen and possibly sold to a lot more potential customers! So if anyone who is a retailer, library, school, wholesaler or anyone else looking to add a new title to your collections then I am happy to announce that my work is finally available to you at a wholesale price here --->  Again the Kindle version is also available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and several of their partner sites. I am slowly and painstakingly working on the second book, I have a lot more to write into it and there seems to be tons of my own spells, recipes, and other such ideas to transcribe onto a screen. I honestly had no idea I had written so much stuff down on paper and I was leafing through my journals and notepads and finding stuff I had done literally years ago! I have a daunting task ahead to get all of that written word for word onto a Word Document and so for I have managed to finish about 25 pages of what will probably be around 300 pages if not more.

    The Path is about to get a bit deeper and darker than it was before, we will be taking flashbacks from the past lessons of my younger life and what and how it shaped me into who I am now  and what I learned from it and how I applied it to myself and my Path, and what I have steadily and slowly learned and practiced for the last 15 years. We are forever learning something, knowledge in all it's forms cannot be learnt in a lifetime, and I will be walking this Darkened Path for many more moons and for many more lifetimes until I can find my way to the end.