Saturday, July 23, 2016

Closer To Completion...

Hello Everyone and Bright Blessings! I said I would return soon with a more fleshed out update. Well as of yesterday, "Hearts On Fire" is up to 157 pages and 51,641 words thus far. A new mystery character by name of "Darius", has  recently had his secretive identity revealed. There's a bittersweet story behind who he is, but I am not allowed to tell you that here, you'll have to read the book to find out! Serena has suffered a potentially debilitating setback, and situations at the current moment are rather harrowing for the cast and characters of Hearts On Fire.
I have decided to split the story into two books, as there is suddenly so much flaming hot new material to add, that trying to cram it all into one book would mushroom this into a 500 page behemoth, if I were to keep on writing. I am already looking at over 200 pages, and that is really stretching out a romance story into what to some might be considered a rather long read. I got carried away, scenes transferred over to the fingers, and fired up the keyboard, the muse was dancing on her bed of coals and chanting like a siren in my head, so now I have a lot of material that I need to pare down a bit. Hmm...maybe a lot... either way, if I continue on the current writing trend, I just might have this book finished and published by August (?)... I don't want to sit here and possibly jinx myself by predicting a published-by date just yet... The next title to the ongoing story will be "The Dragon Goddess", and I am itching to get a cover image created for it, however I have five written assignments, and two quizzes for Business Management classes, to have turned in by midnight on this coming Tuesday, so any other artsy endeavors are going to have to wait.
I have done a hand numbing amount of writing this last few weeks, the college assignments have to be at least 800 words a piece, and by the end of this midterm, I will have written another book's worth of nearly 64,000 words on average, in just written assignments! Now times that by the next 23 months.... that will be at least 368,000 words, if not more, and that translates into nearly six books worth of assignments written by the time I graduate. Imagine if I actually save all those written assignments, and create books from those? Now there's a thought... I am going to have to go for now, those assignments are not going to write themselves, and the muse that dances on the bed of hot coals that has become "Hearts On Fire", is calling my name again.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hearts On Fire Update 7/20/2016

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings. I realize it has been weeks since I was here last, however there have been a plethora of changes for me in the last couple of months that have pretty much kept me hopping and keeping up with blog posting has taken a slight setback. Rest assured the book writing is still in progress, just going a bit slow.
As for Lucan, Serena, and the cast of "Hearts on Fire" life is about to take a wild turn into the unknown, as the date for the merging draws near, the tension in the air is so thick you could cut it with one of Lucan's Damascus blades, as if it were a slice of bread. Tristan is still healing in the Healer's Ward, and Lucan and the High Elder have just begun the implementation of a secret plan of their own machination, possibly at the cost of their own souls and place in the Higher Realms, if it means Lucan can be part of Serena's life forever. How far will a dragon truly go, to preserve the love he holds in his heart for his most priceless treasure? Can you defy the High Creator in such a way,without damning your soul to the Abyss for eternity? We shall soon find "Hearts On Fire " continues to blaze across the pages and comes to an end that will make a dragon's breath feel like a cool breeze.

As for "The Darkened Path: Shades Of Twilight", that book is on hiatus for a bit, as I compile notes and information to edit together. I am on chapter 3, and somewhat in a bind about how to proceed at the moment. The rattling specter that was clanging about to be set free, has decided to go quiet and not provide any musings for me to write about. I am sure it will decide to clank its chains and provide some feedback fairly soon.  If you haven't read any of my books yet, I'd suggest you pick up The Darkened Path Book 1  and start your journey today. There are currently 4 books in the series, so there is a fair amount to keep one reading well into the late hours, while I finish the next installment! I m going to go for now, there is yet more writing to be done, and I shall return as soon as I am able.