Monday, March 7, 2016

"Hearts On Fire" update 3-7-2016

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings! I hope everyone's week is getting off to a decent start? I started mine with finally getting past my writer's block on "Hearts On Fire" and now I am up to page 126, and I got in 7,362 words in the last couple of days. The total word count thus far is 41,888.

Tristan and Lucan's training just got very brutal, Serena's son Adrian recently was inducted for training in the Higher Council's training temples, after he kinda made a scene at his grandmother's house with his new found ability, and what exactly has Serena been keeping to herself about her and Lucan's living arrangements? Will a guilty secret tear them all apart, or will the bond of love and loyalty only grow stronger?  We haven't seen or heard from the disgraced Anna the servant for a few days, but be assured she is lurking about. stay tuned for more updates, as now I will be firing up the Word document and Hearts On fire will be blazing along towards publication hopefully soon.
As for "Beyond The Veil" I am busy compiling notes for that, to add into the document later. I am trying to not overload myself with too much writing material at once, because trying to focus on too much just results in me feeling frazzled. I will be back soon, with more updates on progress. Have a great week everyone!