Monday, September 30, 2013

Book to be published to Barnes and Noble Nook

Updated status to my book, again... the book I have written for the series labeled " The Darkened Path" will soon be available to the Barnes and Noble Nook sales page hopefully within the next few days., for those users that perhaps don't use Amazon or don't have a kindle or other compatible device of which to download the files to from Amazon.  I am still waiting on my first printed copy, which is supposed to be here October 7th. I never thought that having to wait for something would be so agonizingly long!!!! Patience is sometimes not my forte especially when I am waiting on something important to happen. I shall hope that my thinning patience will pay off with something good very soon.

  So onto other matters. I am still seeing that tidal wave of change coming on the New Moon, as was mentioned in yesterday's post on  titled "The Angry New Moon".  At the moment, it seems to swell and recede, swell and recede again, and eventually its going to just swell to ginormous  proportions and  sweep everything and everyone into its maw of watery destruction and leave behind  possibly permanent changes in its wake.  I feel as if, after this New Moon comes and goes by, there will be some strong changes in my life  and for those that are involved in this maelstrom of emotional warfare.  right now I am making a black handmade candle, of which my intent for it is to protect myself and my home and family, and others  thatI consider a part of my life, whist simultaneously banishing and destroying negative energies, people and potentially harmful situations from my life and those whose lives I need to protect. the tidal wave can come if it wants, but im going to be waiting and prepared as best as I can be. I bid you all Blessings and Goodnight.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Darkened Path (Kindle Edition)

So I said when I had the link for my book I would post it!   

I'm so happy, and working on getting it actually in print with to my annoyance, the fee to have my book distributed to other sites is $25.00. kinda have to wait to do that but I will be getting it done soon as possible! I will be back soon I promise, I'm busy posting that link everywhere it can be seen that I can manage to do for free at the moment. Bright Blessings to all!

The Darkened Path book 1

It's 4:30 am and I am very EXCITED and HAPPY to announce that my book is DONE!!!!!
It is scheduled to be put on the Amazon KDP store site sometime between the next 12 hours for the US and 48 hours for the rest of the world.  Although I am a bit put off by the fact the list price is only going to be $9.99, as that was the highest amount I could post it for, the fact that most of what I will be earning is still 70% in royalties from every sale is enough to keep my hopes up that surely someone across the world will purchase my work. I worked so hard on that 231 pages and I am begging  Higher Powers to please, please favor me on this! The second that I see that I can post a link to the book and where it can be found I will do so and I'm going be watching that earnings page like a hawk waiting for that first sale! I'm going to try and get it into print as soon as possible if I can manage it. So a note to all Amazon users and those that own a Kindle or digital device, be looking for "The Darkened Path, Book:1, The Burden" under the author name of S.M. Tillson, to come up soon on the site's newest listings. I have never had anything to be published for sale before and let alone have it be viewable across the entire world and that makes me feel like that I accomplished something special! My inspiration was J K Rowling, as when she published her first edition of the Harry Potter book series she was in a similar financial and social status as myself. while I know I will possibly not achieve the same status as her with my work, she is my inspiration, she went out on a limb and look where she is now! I bid you all Bright Blessings, I really need a cup of coffee and later, a nap. I've been burning the midnight oil for weeks now trying to hurry up and finish my book, and I have to start again soon on the second and maybe third installment to the series. I bid you all Bright Blessings and I will be back very soon!

Monday, September 16, 2013

New Book Update

I have not abandoned "The Journey of The Black Wolf " instead I have been rather busy with a different series titled   " The Darkened Path, Book 1: The Burden" this first book of the series is a partial biographical work of myself, and the first 30 years of my life from the time I was 7 & on up until present day, and is intended to be part of a series where I delve into my own personal demons, and realize I have a few magickally inclined gifts, that just maybe I am not as crazy and unbalanced as my family and peers would like to believe. and finally, finally, come into my own as a Solitary Witch and Divination practicioner, after having gone through several lifetime's worth of personal tragedies and setbacks. At the bottom of this page, is the cover of my new, about to be published work, I have thus far written about 120 pages and there is at least 50 more or so to complete before I get it published to Amazon Kindle.

To give everyone a sneak peek, here is a copy of the first two pages of the book, it has never been revealed to anyone, and I hope that you all will find this snippet to be a worthy read. There is much more to come, this is my Darkened Path. To all my readers, Blessed Be!        
""Book 1: The Burden

 Yes you read that right. “burden” was what I basically was to my family from the time I understood what the word meant and how it was applied to me and the situations surrounding me and my life. These chapters and some parts of the next few books are not going to be nice or sweet. They are gritty, depressing, occasionally heartbreaking and cruel. We will begin the magical part of this story at the time I was about seven years old. This time frame is my first vivid recollection of the idea that things were not normal or right in my life and in that of my fractured, socially unstable family. Some of you that read this book will probably be moved into some very angry and upset moods. For that , I apologize for your emotional upset, however.. the truth is the truth, and there is no avoiding or glossing over the facts.I was younger than seven when my mother, my dad and myself moved into this very old, debilitated, house on clear Creek Road in Newport , Tennessee. I think I was around four or five but when you are that young memories and impressions don’t stick in your mind unless it is a strong event. Before we moved to the house on Clear Creek, we had lived in a huge house in Dandridge, Tennessee. I do not remember much about living in that house and probably just as well I don’t because  Im pretty sure those memories are something I really don’t want to go back and examine in minute detail.  To this day I still struggle with some of those memories, as I’m sure you all will understand why as you keep reading.

I was born, Serita Milena Sprouse, on January 18, 1983, to Jacky D. Sprouse and Rita Faye Suggs. I was a extreme premature birth at 24 weeks gestation, my mother’s placenta ruptured and she was basically having a spontaneous abortion. Back at this time doctors gave very slim chances of survival to babies born like this and I was a extremely lucky case, I was born via C-section weighing a frail 1 pound and 10 ounces and immediately taken to the University of Tennessee where specialists were very shocked and surprised I was even alive, let alone breathing entirely on my own and staring at them all and flailing my pencil thin limbs in a tenacious stubborn fit, my mouth moving in a near soundless cry of what was probably outrage at having my world turned upside down. It was discovered I had no kind of severe birth defects or abnormalities usually found in extreme preemie births and that was even more a shock. My name and story was published in The Newport Plain Talk newspaper on the front page and again updated in April 1983 when I was allowed to go home from the hospital. Even from birth, I struggled and fought my way for survival and acceptance into this world where it was obvious I was so different from everyone and everything else around me and it has been this way for 30 years now. 

Let’s jump ahead, fast forward 5 years. I’m 5 years old and we are moving from Dandridge to Newport, To the house on Clear Creek. At this time there is strife and upheaval in my home, my mother is now a single parent, my dad having left us, where he actually went I honestly do not know.. but I do remember the violent arguments and physical abusive fighting he and my mother done in their drunken rages. Once she beat the headlights out of his Jeep truck and he dumped a pan of motor oil on her head, I remember her sitting in the tub trying to wash it off, there was her handprint of oil on the wall for a long time, another time they got into a fist fight and she had a leg off a table trying to beat him off of her and screaming at him. He beat her face repeatedly onto a woodstove and her face was a mess and she hid from everyone for weeks, after that incident he moved out permanently. They were both alcoholics, and my dad’s departure from our lives only worsened my mother’s downward spiral into binge drinking delirium. Weeks would go by where she did nothing but try to drown her sorrow, depression, bitterness and anger in a bottle, not caring what happened around her, not seeing or understanding what she was doing to herself and what little was left of both our lives. She wasn’t like this all the time, but when she picked up her alcohol, she was just in a haze where nothing and no one mattered and the sun wouldn’t rise tomorrow and to her it would have been fine.