Sunday, April 28, 2013

Book delayed yet again!...

It is to my disappointment and frustration to inform my readers that the book I am working on is yet again delayed. Another week has gone by with no computer. I ended up having to restore everything on this piece of garbage back to its original factory settings just to get my windows program and everything else to run! I am very frustrated and annoyed with this setback because I lost EVERYTHING I was working on and now I have to go back and re write every single word. I seriously wanted to rant, rage and cry, weeks worth of material , notes, drafts, and other things I had saved were totally wiped clean. what caused this disaster? I got a newer computer from somene that wanted rid of their desktop because supposedly it had a problem and they just wanted a new one.  I quickly discovered that oh it had a virus or malware somewhere and Windows 7 would not even start or load or anything,  and it was about to crash.  Note to self..never again have a Acer brand computer and do not take one that is "not working right" in hopes you can fix or refurbish it. I managed to get it fixed and now it is working fine..but at a serious cost to my work in the process. I am now behind a month, but the bright side is that I still have all my original work because I had the forseight to actually write it on paper before I started typing. I just have to go through the tedious and time comsuming process of gathering it all together and retyping it into Word documents. I shall perservere and I shall complete and finish my book come Hell or high water! A tiny thing like a malfunctioning computer is not going to get me down and I shall just direct my frustratiuon into  re writing all the pages I have had deleted. To all my readers, Thank you for your patience and Blessed Be!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Work is slow on book.

I have to ask my readers to please forgive my lack of  publishing info on my new books, I have recently had to replace my eyeglasses prescription and I am waiting on it to arrive in the mail. Hopefully this coming Monday  I will be back to writing pages again. I am very frustrated and annoyed that I am so behind! Normally I would have had half a book written by now as I can usually sit here all day and type away and churn out pages at a time. At present moment I am working on advertising and promoting other things i have been working on trying to ease my frustration and just maybe make a dollar or two. To all my readers Blessed Be and Have a Nice Day!