Friday, January 22, 2016

Hearts On Fire update 1/21/2016

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings! I am working hard on Hearts On Fire, and as of just now I am on page 103 and today I finished 4600 words. Tristan has begun his training with Lucan and things are getting a bit intense with that! Will Tristan be able to visit in Serena's home for a week, to complete his training, and resist the urge to claim Serena as his before the merging ceremony? Lucan is going to brutally test every cell in Tristan's mind, body, and soul, to make sure he is worthy to call Serena his own! A dragon will not give up his prized treasure without a fight, and if Tristan fails his training with Lucan he might have to kiss Serena goodbye forever!
We are getting snowed in by winter storm Jonas this weekend, supposedly we are about to get between 4-7 more inches of snow, school has been out since Wednesday. My son has been glued to his Xbox, and I have been trying to drown out the ungodly sound and sight of constant Minecraft playing, so I can write and concentrate on the storyline. If it were up to me that game would never exist, it grates on my nerves like nails on a chalkboard! I know everyone has their own hobbies and things they love, but me personally I could do without ever seeing a game console in my house!
 Today I contacted Trident Media in NY, and inquired about the idea of them accepting or looking at my first book "The Darkened Path The Journey Begins" for potential as a movie, TV series or something similar. I know that is going out on a skinny limb, but who says I cannot at least ask and find out some information, and that is sometimes a fantastic way to get more sales and get your work and yourself seen and heard about. I am not adverse to the idea that my books, or anything else that I write about, would end up being created into a indie movie or something. I am going to hop off here for now, just wanted to pop in for a quickie update. Bright  Blessings to everyone, and stay safe from Jonas if you live in the area!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hearts On Fire update.

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings! I popped in for an update to tell y'all what's transpiring in my newest storyline! Right at this minute, Hearts On Fire is up to 66 pages and 21,607 words! Last night I wrote in 4,055 more words and finished 12 more pages. Tristan and Lucan are about to hold a meeting with the Elder Council, in the High Council's chambers to deliberate and decide the fate and sentence of the HIgh Goddess, whom has attempted  to hatch a heinous plot and pull off a unforgivable  crime against the Dragon and human races!  Serena has been informed of some very interesting  revelations, and Tristan is having to swallow a few huge horse pills of pride, and abandon some long held human male ideas, in order to make some nessecary adjustments, if he wants to be the man Serena needs and deserves. What will be the High Goddess's fate, and what will be her punishment from the Elders for taking  her mad schemes way out of hand?
I have something wickedly horrifying in mind for my poor High Goddess, she's about to find out what happens when you mess with the Dragon God's most valued treasure! Meanwhile, the Elders look down fondly upon their chosen son of clan McKinley , and flash a winking eye at the vintage bourbon and selected choice of smoking paraphernalia, after all, a man needs something to soothe his mind and frazzled temper , when his normal mundane human life is changing faster than Lucan can wolf down a plate of Starbuck's French Roast coffee grounds!

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year 2016

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings. I am working hard on writing my short story "Hearts On Fire", thus far I have 42 pages and a bit over 14k words done! The holidays set me back a bit, and then right before Yuletide I came down with a ugly chest cold. The worst of it has subsided, I am still coughing like a barking seal, however I have the energy to be up and about. Last night I started writing again, determined to start the New Year by getting some work done! I have borrowed my son's tablet to work with , seeing as I currently have no internet or phone service until the bill is paid. If it's not one thing then it's another! That will not prevent me from getting my work done, I just need to learn to navigate this gadgetry of his a bit. I am not a tech whiz, so me learning to use a tablet with a advanced Android program is going to take a bit of getting used to! I never thought I would end up doing something like sitting here at the table, the only room on the house where a  wifi signal works, tapping out words on a touch screen, and I am so not used to it, I really do miss my clanky outdated desktop keyboard right now! I can sit at my old model acer desktop and type words and click keys to my hearts content! I'm quite the old woman when it comes to modern technology, I'll be 33 on January 18th and I didn't even have cellular phone service until I was 21! So all these new devices are a bit overwhelming  to tinker with.
Now onto where I am in my new story, Tristan, love of Serena,  is in a heated discussion with the HIgh Goddess about why he and her dragon guardian Lucan, have to form a very unusual bond between themselves in order for both of them to stay in the life and heart of Serena, and what is the High Goddess conspiring to achieve and gain out of this forbidden of and illegal alliance? The stakes are high, and the consequences, potentially devastating, for all involved, if the HIgh Goddess's scheme is discovered by the HIgh Council before She can see it complete. The fate of the entire dragon and human race will be changed for all eternity, should this plot of Hers succeed. Serena risks losing everything that makes her heart and her life complete in Tristan and Lucan should they all fail. Will a millenia old  dragon and a modern day warrior work together in harmony to keep the woman they love and put aside their warring hearts and hardened ways? Or will the fires of love be extinguished forever?