Friday, December 27, 2013

Busy days on The Darkened Path.

Hello All and Blessed Be! I realize I have not updated for nearly a month and I fervently apologize! I have been mindlessly busy working on the second book, of which only three painstaking chapters are done. I have also been battling a raging sinus infection,  babysitting a small infant, working on other side jobs, and I recently adopted a black kitten. The life at home has been one thing after another. It's no wonder I find little time to write anything! I want this next book to be much better than the previous book, which to my disappointment was a flop, I have not yet sold a single copy and that got me down for a bit. However, very few of us experience smashing success on the first go so I have not given up! We newbies to the self publishing world have fierce competition and have to work hard to find a niche to establish ourselves. I have spent a lot of nights awake compiling my materials and adding more pages and enriching my next book so that it will hopefully be the one that gets me noticed. My issue lately seems to be that I think I have added enough to a chapter, then I find more things to squeeze in and honestly I have so much material to place that I am having trouble trying to spread it out into the book in the correct chapters and sections. I seriously had no idea I had so many spells, recipes, notes, and instructional material floating in my notebooks, and in my head, and every time I make a new spell recipe or cast a new spell, it gets written down somewhere and saved. 15 years worth of witchy workings and experiences is a load to begin with, with more added as I go. I already have a new idea for another book floating in my head and I have been writing notes for that. The plot centers on a secret, forbidden passion between two people from different religious backgrounds. Can a Christian and a Pagan bridge the gap of a centuries old underground war and find their place ? Can others that would destroy them realize that true love knows no boundaries? Can a secret, passion and a budding love find it's place and thrive in a world where the Light is forever trying to vanquish the Darkness?