Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Writing Update 5-31-2016

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings! I hope everyone is doing well? I have been quite busy with writing content articles for my Crowd Content writer's account, and making some much needed side money. To date I have written 19 short articles for them, and I have made $63.00. No that does not sound like a lot, however I recently just started accepting work from them. Some articles pay $2.40 per 200 words, and then there are some that pay higher amounts. The last article I wrote was 800 words long and explained the basic structure of a argumentative essay for college students,that paid me  a decent $16.00. Realistically that is more pay than just one Kindle or Paperback book sale pays from Amazon, so in actuality I am making more per "sale" from working for a content writing service. I would have to sell several copies of my books to get to $63.00 on Amazon if you go by their royalty payment scale. I get paid every two weeks from Crowd Content if the payment threshold reaches $10.00. I have applied to other content writer services that are looking for freelance writers, so hopefully soon my side income will become a more stable venture,and I finally get to see more money flowing. Being a writer is my dream, and I am extremely determined to make a full time living from it someday.
Writing on my book series has obviously taken a downturn, due to my sudden need to be making it rain, but The Darkened Path series is far from forgotten, and the next scene of Hearts On Fire is percolating in my mind. Dragons are difficult creatures to write about, and Lucan Drake is definitely not your average scaly serpent.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A new book for "The Darkened Path" series.

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings! Tonight I began a new venture onto "The Darkened Path" series. This idea for the new book has been "haunting" me for awhile, and I finally was seized with the "spirit" to start writing on this new book. As of this minute, I have 41 pages and 10,126 words added into it and written out. Since "Hearts On Fire" is steadily picking up steam and heading towards completion, I needed to hurry and find something new to write. "The Darkened Path:Shades Of Twilight" has been a two page rough draft on my Word documents for months now, because I wasn't even sure if I really wanted to write this one. There are literally hundreds of books out there on paranormal type subjects, but I felt a strong compulsion to write my own contribution to that area of metaphysical study, and I always follow the muse wherever it decides to lead me. The muse said "Paranormal, Ghosts, Demonic Possession," so into that deep, mysterious, dark abyss of the unknown, is where I currently am heading. What inspired me the most? I am a huge fan of the original "Ghost Hunters", "Paranormal State" and "Ghost Adventures" TV shows..  I have also had several of my own personal experiences with what would be considered "paranormal phenomena."  
When I opened the document and started reading those two pages, I just started typing, words and paragraphs fired off my fingers at warp speed, and I had my browser open researching for materials and relevant ideas to keep writing into it.   I am going to try for at least 120 pages, but depending on what material I can come up with, it maybe less.  I am going to go for now, and write some more, while the muse is calling. I will return soon, Have a good night everyone!

"Hearts On Fire " Update 5-18-2016

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings! I haven't been in here much, and haven't been seen or heard from by a lot of people, in real life and on here, life seems to be throwing one thing and another at me lately, and I think if I see or hear or have to deal with anything else, I might just let Lucan the Dragon loose and give him permission to start up the fire pit.
Speaking of Lucan, "Hearts On Fire" has gotten a bit of a update,with 10 more pages and 3,667 words added to it last night. Yeah I know that don't appear to be much, but you can pack a lot of scenarios and situations into that 10 pages! To fill y'all in on what's happening in Draconia,and on plain old mundane Earth, well Tristan and Lucan are in the Healer's ward, due to a sparring match that turned extremely heated and went entirely too far. Hell and all of its nine levels don't hold a spark next to a dragon and a warrior that are both bent on having what and whom they consider is theirs.
Tristan just got introduced to a man that bears a startling resemblance to Serena, who at the moment, is not allowed to reveal his identity just yet. Anna, the disgraced High Goddess, and currently residing as a live in servant to the Mckinley household, has been making nice with Tristan's parents, dutifully fulfilling her penance, and silently plotting both Tristan and Lucan's downfall.Serena is hanging onto it all by a thread of sanity, and is seriously questioning her ability to carry on and be who she was destined to be. The weight of it all is almost too much to cope with. To top it off, there's a very royal dragon's egg due to hatch, and Serena's son Adrian was just hand picked, to shoulder a very important task that will forever alter the course of his, and everyone's lives...
To be continued....