Sunday, June 30, 2013

Work! work! work!

  Has been all I have done for a straight month! so much so, that I have barely 20 pages of one of my books done! I'm so frustrated with myself! I think I have a minute to sit and type out a page or two but betime I get home my home life overwhelms me to the point where I get nothing done for myself until the late hours. My new job at the food processing factory is making me into a slave!

    Anyways.. above is  a photo of my book cover, the one titled "The Black Wolf's Book of Spells and Crafts"  I think it looks very nice indeed! This is the book I am currently working on in my account at  Much to my vexation..Myspace has decided to completely destroy its members' old pages and the new Myspace has nothing on it but music, pictures and entertainment media and everything else such as blogs, emails and other types of written pages have been cut out. I personally lost 3 years worth of blogs and notes and other things I was going to incorporate into my book and now I have to go back and rewrite everything and find all the old copies of everything that I originally had typed .  I blasted myspace with a angry complaint as they have no right to just destroy their members pages like that even if they do own the site and can modify and change whatever they want. I'm just glad I had the foresight to write down nearly everything  before I typed it out so I can at least redo it, which is going to take forever now. I've been having doubts and insecurities about how and when I'm ever going to finish this book series because it has become a lot bigger than I originally intended, I have a lot more material than I realized  and I'm wondering if I have bitten off more than I can chew!   for now , my readers, I have to leave you and go pack up stuff for work tomorrow and finish my housework.. a woman's work is never ever done and mine is