Sunday, November 29, 2015

Witch Of Lone Oak Update

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings! I popped in for a New York second to give y'all a update as promised. This morning 42 more pages of The Darkened Path, The Witch Of Lone Oak, have been written and if I keep on it, I shall have it done very soon! I have 4 months worth of scenes to write and it will be ready to publish, but you cannot imagine what can and cannot happen in a very short 16 weeks of time! Lives change, shocking revelations reveal themselves, and eye opening epiphanies rock your foundations to the core, and the Gods,Goddesses, and all of higher Powers will alter your life in ways you do not always foresee, is it a blessing in disiguise, or a tragic situation, truly only They know, and like always, you get exactly what you ask them for..even if sometimes it doesn't turn out quite like you expected or hoped for, trust and have faith, and all will reveal itself in due time!  

Since I have started on this new venture of trying to be a Freelance Writer, I have discovered that my original review of the Iwriter company, and their clients, is indeed a fact, as thus far everything that I have submitted to them has been rejected. Sadly, yet more of my work that I have submitted to other clients of different companies has also been declined, that is a bit frustrating and disappointing. However, that does not deter me. I will find my place and someone willing to work with me eventually. I just have to keep plugging away at it!  I have many avenues open for Freelance jobs at the moment, and one or two of them will prove profitable. I just have to keep looking, or perhaps one will offer me a proposal in the next couple of weeks?  Until then, I have to finish this book, and start on the next one, a Writer's work is never, ever done! I will be back soon when I have more to update, Have a Blessed Week!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Flooded in Writing Work!

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings!  If you all will remember my annoyance with Iwriter a few days ago, well I have a update on that. After i had written them a nice little note, I got a email response not even 24hrs later, from them, telling me to log back into my account. I log back in to Iwriter, and I see that after 3 reviews, I have a 4 star rating with them, even thought my previously written three articles were rejected for unknown reasons by the people I wrote the articles for. Whatever the reason was for my articles being rejected, two clients did not give a valid reason. That is fine, since what I was irate about was being booted off of my account. Now I am back in to Iwriter, and able to work again. somebody over there is eventually going to approve of something I write for them and I will be paid for it!
In the last two days, my applications to Blogmutt, Upwork (Odesk), and Crowd Content, have been accepted and approved, of which I am ecstatic about, because now in addition to my two books to be finished, I have several sources of potential Freelance Writing, Blogging and Publishing jobs, of which to make extra money from. things seem to b looking up rather nicely and I apparently am following the right track towards my dream to writing success, if this was not to be then my applications to all of these places would not have been approved at all to begin with! I will leave you all with this short update, I now have floods of work to be doing!  I will return shortly, with a update on book progress, and the progress of what seems to have become my new career as a Freelance Writer and Blogger.  

Sunday, November 15, 2015 not for "standard" writers.

So here I was, all excited about having a new article writing job, getting to write very small 500 word articles and just maybe getting some decent pay out of it. If you will recall, I just posted about this job earlier in the last post. I logged into my account there, or attempted to, and this little message popped up stating " Your account is blocked due to low ratings" Come again? Excuse me? I write three articles, as a one star rated "standard" writer, and made a very concentrated effort to please some elitist snob, who gave me some kind of crappy little rating, and I am the one that is blocked? I'm not even allowed to get my foot in the door so to speak, and prove that I am definitely not just a "standard" writer? When was I ever a "standard" writer to begin with? Who has the right to even label us writers like that anyway? That's a passive aggressive insult in itself, towards anyone that has ever tried to write for them. To say that I am bit upset right now is a bit of a understatement. It really hurt my feelings and made me feel very rejected, and I do not appreciate being made to feel that way from someone else, that I have ever even met or laid eyes on before.
As a Independently Published Author of two books, in my own right, well being rated lowly based on three tiny 500 word articles is somewhat insulting, especially when I put in a serious effort into writing these according to THEIR specified instruction. I wrote the company a nice little letter awhile ago, stating my disappointment in their company and their clients, and informed them that if these clients of theirs wanted "Elite" work from a "Standard" writer, then perhaps they should write their own articles, instead of putting down everyone else's attempts at doing it for them. I will not be going back to Iwriter .com again, and I am just going to tell you all now, don't hurt yourself in trying to please these people, unless you are a best selling author, or some other type of professional writer, otherwise you will just be "standard" to them, and get yourself blocked from their site without a by your leave, without even being paid for your time ad effort.
Now that I got that disappointment out of the way, I think I will go make a really strong cup of coffee, open up my MS Word files, and write some more on my books. Blessed Be everyone..have a good night.              

New Book Started! The Darkened Path: Beyond The Veil.

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings! I have come in to update on what I have been working on, This has been one very busy week for me, over the weekend I started a new writing job online, at, which pays you to write articles, e-books, and "rewrites", and right this minute I am still a "standard" writer, you have to have so many approvals and star ratings to earn your way into the higher paying assignments. I suppose it isn't too horrible, the prospect of making $2.43 for every 500 words written and article that is actually approved, is more pay than a royalty payment for a book that is priced at 5.99. Now you know why they call us "starving artists"!
Anyways.. down to my newest book that I just started, and no "The Darkened Path;The Witch Of Lone Oak" is not completed yet, much to my vexation, I have about 100 pages to go for that. I may have less than 100 pages left to finish, that is just a cautious estimate. The writing fairy hit me, and told me to start the 4th book, titled "The Darkened Path Beyond The Veil", which will be a novel detailing various methods of Divination, and other similar subjects, I am a experienced user of divination and it's practices, I am a very Receptive Empath, and the writing fairy hit me hard to start on the 4th book. I literally saw signs pointing to this new book contents, dropped into my lap, as when I started writing the articles for Iwriter, well one of the assignments was for divination articles on Tarot and Horoscopes, and then I logged into my Facebook, and first thing I saw on the top of my news feed was a article on methods of Divination. Now if that is not divine inspiration and pointed direction, well I don't know what is!!  As of right now, 18 pages of book #4 are done.
 As of now, 115 pages of Witch Of Lone Oak are finished, and I am in the middle of some very difficult scenes  that bring about powerful memories and hard emotions, this week I hope to have a lot more done! I know I keep saying that I will have it finished on so and so date and time, I have been telling myself that for months now, but really this one book is becoming like some kind of dreaded's like I know I have to finish it, but somehow I am lacking the desire to actually sit and work on it longer than a hour or two, for some reason I have lost my passion and drive about writing this one book, and it is probably because I have already been working on it for well close to a year now. There also have been a lot of irritating and catastrophic setbacks with Witch Of Lone Oak, there for awhile I was convinced that the entire file was jinxed, as for months every time I tried to write into it, well something crazy would happen to stall progress or screw up my files. It has been such a long , stalled, dragged out scenario that I have seriously contemplated not even publishing it at all, but I cannot do that, because Witch Of Lon Oak is a vital part of the Darkened Path series and I have to finish it! See? I am stressing and vexing over it..and not even writing in the book itself! I don have the so called "writer's block", more like  "writers flop" where my writer's magic for Witch Of Lone Oak has temporarily taken a hiatus, I know exactly what I am writing about, however getting the words down into MS Word has become the issue. Why can't the writing fairy hit me with a blast of  power sparkles and get me writing on the book I'm supposed to be finishing? I am going to go for now, I have more work to do, and the Witchy Writer's work is never, ever done! Oh..before I go.. here is the cover art for the newest book..


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Shades of Darkness Promotion!

Hey everyone and Bright Blessings! To everyone that might be reading this post, I would greatly appreciate a bit of help with the promotion and sales of my newest work "The Darkened Path: Shades Of Darkness" that very recently debuted on Amazon and Smashwords Publishing. (<---See link to view this book and make a purchase!)
Add a bit of Magic in your life today!  Included into my newest work are detailed Spells, Instructions, Recipes and bits and bobs on how to Draw Luck, Love and Money into your life, Briing Back that Wayward Spouse, Missing Friend, and Long Lost Lover, and Reconcile your differences!  Draw Better Business and Attract Customers to your shops and place of businesses! Get your Boss and Co-workers to Favor you! Gain Yourself that coveted Job Promotion and Keep Your Current Job! Protect and Cleanse Yourself, Home, and Sacred Space from All Types of Negativity! Banish Your Enemies and Bad Luck for Good and Seal Up Your Problems Indefinitely! All of these come directly from Yours Truly, as I am a actively practicing Witch. Everything I have written in this book has been tested and created by me personally, and every single one of the Spells and Instructions written are guaranteed to work! Learn to create and use your own Spell Powders, Oils, Spell Sachets and Spell Jars, to enrich and enhance your life to it's successfully enchanted potential! If this isn't enough Magic for you..then stay tuned because there is a lot more than this to come! This 100 Page booklet is just the tip of the wand peeking out, and there are more spellbinding novels coming in 2016! I ask Everyone for your help and support for me to share my special brand of magic to the entire world! I shall return very soon, a Witch's work is never done! Brightest Blessings to Everyone!