Monday, June 22, 2015

Complete Utter Frustration!! 6-23-2015

So I am here again to update.. on the exasperating, jaw grinding frustration I have encountered in the last couple of weeks about getting my book done. I swear Higher Powers played this horrid and cruel act out upon me, perhaps it was in my best interest, however I am not amused. When I finally got all of my stuff moved in and took my computer equipment out of the packing box, plugged it in and was all set to get to work....Windows 7 Home Premium decides it will not load files and the program will not start. I wanted to kick the computer and smack the screen and swear viciously, as I had to go into the Recovery Options and click the button instructing Acer to reset EVERYTHING back to factory default. Thus every single page I had recently written and every file I recently had on my computer since February 2015 was erased as if it never existed. I lost about 5 chapters of work I had done on Book Two. I was up to the 40K word mark. I wanted to cry like a child throwing a huge tantrum and all Gods and Goddess Above knows that I have to be really worked up in a right state to cry over anything. I am sure I am not the only author to have had disastrous mishaps with their work, however I felt very cheated and kicked in the arse that I just had to erase so much work. Perhaps some God or Goddess that rules matters of writing and publishing did not like what I had written and decided to jolt my computer to where I needed to erase it all and start over where I had left off before.

On a brighter note, I have saved on a disc the older version of my books that I had saved from the last time my computer decided to malfunction and be a piece of shite. I just have to reload it into my documents, and start writing again where the last pages are saved, and rewrite everything that I lost until finally I am done and ready to load it into Create Space and Amazon KDP. Maybe I will not jinx myself and carefully and mindfully work extra hard on the "new" version. I have to get this done and there cannot be any more disasters! Perhaps since I changed my residence , the change in atmosphere and surroundings will also inspire more creativity and ideas for my book? Why exactly I have had such a struggle and so many issues getting the second book even halfway finished I honestly cannot tell you!  The entire project has had this ridiculously infuriating streak of bad luck and I have had a almost eerie amount of problems and mishaps in just even getting halfway written , let alone published. Perhaps my Word Starter Program needs a actual sage smudging the next time I open it?  I need to clear out whatever negative virtual energy that seems to have attached itself and is  permeating itself into to the file that says "The Darkened Path Book 2: The Witch of Lone Oak"  Right at this minute I am desperate enough to try anything, even to Bless and Cleanse my computer and the specific program and the files I need to work on! I am going to be going for now and I will be back soon , everyone have a good week and Bright Blessings!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Witch of Lone Oak update. 6-3-2015

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings. I am updating a short post to tell y'all I have been working hard on The Darkened Path: The Witch Of Lone Oak. Currently, and as of May 31, 2015, I have 46,327 words written, page count is up to 142 on a 6x9 page size scale. I am finally picking up some steam, I am almost finished with the biographical memoir section, maybe about 20- 30 pages left to go there, and then I will be revising and adding into the spells and charms sections that are going to be the second half. I feel the spells and charms section will take a bit longer because there will be ALOT of material that is going to be melded into the rest of the book.There have been a lot of transformational changes in the life of the Witch Of Lone Oak that have came about in the last 4 years so be prepared to see some twists and turns that will propel you deeper into the Darkened Path! After this second book is published I will be taking a short break from the series to work on other projects, and also I am finally moving into my new apartment this coming week after June 8th, and I will be quite busy with that for a few weeks and I will be jumping back into writing again when I get the chaotic energy of moving settled. Have a good week everyone and I will return ASAP!