Saturday, May 9, 2015

Some New Cover Art..

I have been messing around with book covers again. These two are for Book 2 and Book 3, I am posting them as links from my Facebook page because for some reason Blogger will not let me load the pictures right.  It will say it is uploading and then freeze up and refuse to load the pictures correctly.

This is a sample cover preview of Book 3.. 

And this oen is a sample cover preview of Book 2.. 

I am not positive yet as to whether or not I want to use these two covers, I might tweak or edit them a bit to see if  they come out nicer or if something changes in my story lines to where I feel I need to change the cover to resonate with the story. The Darkened Path Book 2 is bieng added to later tonight, as I finally have free time to be writing more into it. I have decided to keep it in line with where the first book left off .. here is a snippet from Book 2, it's an unedited and unrevised section, I have to go through everything and correct mistakes and organize the file itself because it is a jumbled and tangled mess and some of the scenes and scenarios need a bit of trimming, fleshing out, and organized to fit the timeline I have in mind. I have 104 6x9 pages and 34,027 words written so far and I'm nowhere near done. The last 4 years of my life has been a very long transformation, and there is seriously heavy moments and deep emotional transitions and of course the unexpected...          

The Goddess and Higher Powers smiled on me, and I was finally allowed to start moving in at the end of July, I had paid the deposit and to have my utilities on, and I now had both of my kids, with me, Jeremy had brought Jasmin two weeks before that, and I was shocked at the changes I saw in him, physically, on the outside, he looked as sick as I felt inside, he was very thin, had huge dark circles in his flat and emotionless eyes, and when I tried to be near him for any reason he shut himself off emotionally and physically and became stiff, silent, and unyielding. No matter what he might have felt or thought inside at seeing us again, he was not going to allow us to know or understand any of it even though to my eyes it was clear as day and I saw through him anyway.  Being without us was hurting him and breaking him just as much as it had me, but he forced himself to stay away and never come back, or allow himself to think or feel anything towards us. He was still going to shut us out of his life, go on without us, and leave everything behind no matter what it cost him.
 At the end of July 2011, I moved into my new apartment, people all around me that knew me, from distant family members, to people I didn’t even know, were suddenly very giving and generous towards helping to get things for my household that I needed, I felt like something was finally going right after almost a year of life altering hardships. Grandmother was very bitter and angry over the fact I insisted on moving and not being anywhere near the family or any of their problems and issues, I was not going to be a part of it, it was not my life and not my responsibility to deal with, I had more than enough of my own personal hurdles to overcome, and getting myself dragged back into their lives was not going to help me or get me very far. I was determined to rebuild my life into something I could manage on my own , without much help from anyone for any reason, I wanted no personal debts or chains attached to me and they were not going to hold the things they had done for me over my head like a hangman’s noose."   

I appreciate any feedback and if anyone has questions or comments don't hesitate to ask or leave your input. I have to go for now I have tons to do as usual. Bright Blessings Everyone I will return soon!