Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Beyond the Veil Update. 2-23-2016

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings, thought I'd pop in for a quickie update. I have been writing some on "The Darkened Path: Beyond The veil" and thus far I am on page 64, Chapter 4, and yesterday I finished another 4017 words into it. "Hearts On Fire" is on a temporary hiatus until I can overcome my writer's block about how best to go forward with it. I have plenty of ideas floating in my head, however getting them typed into the Word document is the issue. I type it down, read a bit, and think " No that doesn't sound right!" and then I am stuck staring at the screen in frustrated annoyance, trying to formulate the words I want to type. "Beyond The Veil" is coming along much easier, so perhaps that is a sign that that is the book I need to finish and publish for now.    

 I have also been busy working on and promoting my new side job as a Avon Representative. Anyone that would like to view my website there, and place an order please go to Avon By SM Tillson. when you sign in and place a order , all orders are free shipping with orders over $40.00. You will occasionally receive special emails promoting offers for free shipping  on a certain amount spent, this is usually on a $25.00 order, and there are always discounts on certain days of the week!
I am going to hop off here , and i will return soon when I have more to update. Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

"The Darkened Path: Beyond The Veil" has begun to be written.

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings, I'm teleporting in for a quick update, as of today, "The Darkened Path: The With Of Lone Oak" was accepted into the Smashwords Premium Catalog.
Go HERE for your copy and be sure to check out the other two books in the series too!
Today I began writing on "The Darkened Path: Beyond The Veil" and so far I'm on page 42 and up to 12,601 words , yeah I have been sitting here all day typing on and off between food and coffee breaks. The snow and cold outside makes it impossible to go out, the parking lots and the roads are packed in a slick powdery mess. I made a short walking trip to the Shell station that is down the street, the blast of fresh cold air felt nice, but by the time I got back my fingers were numb. I suppose I had better dig out those Thinsulate gloves instead of the regular thin acrylic sweater ones!

  There's a little backstory about how "Beyond The Veil" came to be. While scrying in my black gazing mirror one night,I asked the question of " What should the next title of my book be?" Imagine my awed astonishment, when I watched the surface of the mirror fog up like there was condensation forming on it, and it parted on either side like a veiled curtain. I blurted " Beyond the veil?" to myself out loud , and then I felt that familiar warm and fuzzy tingle that signified that a spiritual presence was with me, and that was the positive affirmation of my outspoken question. Thus is also why the cover for the book has a image of a warped around fractal mirror. It signifies the bending of time, space, and going "Beyond The Veil" between mundane and spiritual worlds.          

Since at that time, I was doing a divination session, that became the inspiration for the plot of the new  Darkened Path book I am working on. I am a Empath and a multi gifted receptive medium. No joke. I am not one of those phony, scammer, psychic hotline types.. My gifts are the real deal, and I have years of personal experiences to prove it. Some of those experiences will be written in the new book, they are just too powerfully a part of me and part of what made who I am now as a person to be left out or ignored, and I definitely will not be forgetting those experiences anytime soon.

I am still working on "Hearts Of Fire", but it is going a bit slowly, I am somewhat stuck in the middle of the book, trying to formulate how I want a crucial part of the story to unfold so that it meshes well with the rest of the plot. The scene of how a Dragon merges and transfers it's soul, magic, and a part of itself into a human body is rather difficult to project from my mind and put it into words on a Word page. I am going to teleport back out, I have to get some sleep now, you can't write worth a hill of beans when you're falling asleep at the keyboard!    

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Witch Of Lone Oak Is Live!!

Hello everyone and Bright Blessings! I just had to come in and share the excitement! "The Darkened Path; The Witch Of Lone Oak" has been published and is live on Amazon KDP right now! I will finish detailing the print version tomorrow,  I need a laptop with a updated Adobe flashplayer on it and this tablet wouldn't let me use cover creator on Createspace. I might see if I can fix the tablet so it works like I need it to, but it was actually kind of cool to use the tablet to get the book published with, this old witch can always learn a few new tricks! I'm fecking excited, it's taken me over a year to get this book finished and I can cross another publishing milestone off my to do list! Here is the link for y'all that want to check out my newest installment of The Darkened Path series! The Witch Of Lone Oak.
Four long and exhausting  years of my life have been carefully pieced together into this work, and I had days where I sat and cried in frustration, gotten angry, been depressed, and almost gave up several times! This one book gave me fits over trying to get it even half way completed. If y'all  have been reading the blog posts here, then you know the  exasperating  and temper tantrum inducing troubles that I have went through to get this book done. It has been a uphill battle the whole time, and now I can shove that boulder off the cliff side! A good part of the theme to this book swirls deeply around a very intense and challenging love story that has went through alot of wild and crazy changes, cause we all know that the best kind of love is the one  that the God's and Goddesses will to be, that everyone tries damned hard to make sure you cannot have, and no matter what you say, think, or do, you can't just walk away from!
Detailed personal accounts of yours truly from my own private journals, give voice to the scenes and situations in the nitty gritty, and nothing is left out and no stone unturned! The book Shades Of Darkness, was spawned from this book, as the spells and other things mentioned in the chapters of The Witch Of Lone Oak are written in detail in Shades Of Darkness. I personally suggest buying all three books, starting with " The Darkened Path; The Journey Begins" so you're up to date, and youre getting the whole timeline and story that is now up to date in present time! What you're gonna be reading is all me, 110% and straight up to the point! There are adult scenes and situations written in this newest book, and it is meant for a mature audience of 18+.
This particular adventure down The Darkened Path is going to be put on hiatus, while I finish The Darkened Path; Beyond The Veil, and Hearts On Fire. There is alot more to come on The Darkened Path, the witch's journey is far from done! I hope y'all decide to give this book a read, and I'm open and got my ears and eyes peeled for review, comments, and anything else, but all I ask is that I'm not flamed, because quite honestly Lucan just might flame back! I'm gonna go for now, gonna go and find me a cup of Maxwell House smooth bold blend coffee and go write some more!

Witch of Lone Oak update 2/2/2016

Hi everyone and Bright Blessings! I'm zooming in to update and then zooming back out because I am swamped in work and writing, and tying up some life issues at the moment. The Darkened Path: The Witch of Lone Oak is nearing completion! The second installment of the life of yours truly centers on a complicated love, loss, and twisting paths of change! I am currently writing the last few pages that end on a bittersweet note. What changes will we see on the Darkened Path? Stay tuned and soon you will see!
 Hearts of Fire is also being worked on and I'm aiming for a release of at least one of my projects on the February new moon, which is on the 8th. Trident media responded with a note saying they will contact me again after 30 days, I will see what happens with that by end of this month and if I don't hear anything I will be inquiring about my submission. There will be a third installment of the life of yours truly as I have been compiling months worth of material for that,and I have also been gathering and researching materials for a book on Divination practices and more magical meanderings will begin on the Darkened Path. I am going to go for now but I shall return! Have a great week everyone!