Friday, December 12, 2014

"The Darkened Path Book 1: The Journey Begins", price has been changed!

Hello my readers and Bright Blessings, I am in here to update a change to "The Darkened Path Book 1: The Journey Begins." Starting tomorrow, the price has been marked down to $3.99.  This price is about 70% difference of the print version so readers you are saving about $6.00 by purchasing the Kindle version!

Book 2 is slowly crawling along, I have had many other work projects to tackle and wrestle with and the madness of the holidays has me going full speed to pay bills, shop for gifts, and I still haven't got to grocery shop for holiday dinner yet! I for one will be somewhat relieved to see the New Year come and the madness will die down a bit!

I have been playing with covers again for the second book, I am having a hard time deciding the background and text color to match a certain picture that I really want to use. I want to do grey or a shade of grey with black texts and the picture I have decided to use, and so far I like it. The color theme for the 3rd book is going to be purple and shades of purple, I have a fantastic picture picked out for Book 3 but we will have to wait to see that!

I am seriously hoping to get book 2 published to at least Amazon by New Years week. That was somewhat my resolution for this coming year, was to have Book 2 finished and published. I am sorry this is going to be a short post, I have a lot to write and too little time to get it written in!! Bright Blessings to all and Happy Holidays!!

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Darkened Path Book 1 on is now on Kindle, oh and a bit of supernatural realism..

Well despite my previous reservations, I have decided that it would be a best interest option for me to publish on Kindle again, except this time I opted out of Kindle Select.  Smashwords is giving me a fit with formatting and cover issues but I am working on it and just maybe I will have it updated to their strict standards shortly. for the moment is the link to Amazon Kindle for The Darkened Path Book 1: The Journey Begins. The price is set to reflect half the cost of the print version and I feel this is reasonable. I was not allowed to publish the print version below a $9.00 price due to the size of the book itself.

Book two is coming along slowly,it is a bit heftier than the first book. I am having a hard time with motivation to just get on Word and start it up again.  That may be my New Year's have the second book published. I had better get with the program quick and begin writing soon if I want to see that possibility it definitely isn't going to write itself! At present moment I have 106 pages to edit and flesh out and then go onto the second half of the book, which is partially already finished. I have new ideas already brewing in the cauldron of my mind about what to write mind keeps thinking "paranormal", "Empath" Clairvoyant" "Supernatural", "Romance"..

The romance idea has been on my mind for awhile but first I have to get this series published. I actually have a great story line in mind for a fourth book but getting it drafted and figuring out what time period I want it to be and etc is a challenge. I see a lot of supernatural romance and unrealistically far out there ideas floating around (vampire/werewolf/ dangerous creature hybrid lover from different planet/ dimension??)  and I really want this one to be a original idea that doesn't look like it has been copied from someone else's idea.

 I have to get this out of my mind it has been bugging me for awhile. The romance department seems overflowing with too many kinds of unrealistic and warped sexual themes.. and a ridiculous amount of overrated porn industry type sex.. every 10 pages or so someone is bent over like a smutty little gutter tramp and is supposedly loving every second of it with a man that isn't a smart choice in partners. And the choice in male partners seems to be becoming less and less human male and more like a warped and badly envisioned sexualized version of twilight crossed over with x-men. Some realistic and tasteful sexual themes and real deal romance would be very refreshing and more enjoyable!! I will be the first one to tell you all that I am a practicing pagan and I believe and have been witness to all kinds of supernatural and out of the box theories and ideas. But I am seeing way too much madness with interspecies romance and sexuality.

There seems to be something darkly thrilling and erotic and taboo with the whole idea that sex with a male that is all dominant and alpha, probably not a human species, and too capable of basically raping you in any way he sees fit with his "enchanting" powers of seduction just to get him some freaky satisfaction and a power high from a hapless and all too submissive human female? The first thing that comes to mind is a incubus or some other type of fatal, unnatural, non human being that could just as well leave you ripped apart in a bloody trashed mess when he is done with his idea of "fun". Realistically speaking if he left you alive in any recoverable condition and you survived your mental acumen intact and with most bodily functions and your limbs attached, well if you somehow conceived a baby with said creature you are most likely not going to survive the birth process as the little cherub is going to tear it's way out of your body like you are a overweight plastic bag that got ripped wide open, and leave you laying there bleeding to death with half your insides coming out. Incubi are not nice creatures. They are sadistic,evil, cruel and dangerous.. they prey on sleeping women and force sexual encounters with them towards the height of homicidal and should a woman willingly pursue this idea and actually allow this to continue with the incubus then she is suicidal and bat shit crazy.

Same goes for werewolves and vampires. Sex or any romantic involvement with them is not advisable.. you are tempting fate itself and risking becoming a interesting snack instead of being seen as beautiful and attractive. The very few that see human females as attractive or by some weird insanity that a male or female from the species happens to like you more then he/she should well too bad you're not really a "mate" in the sense for romantic soul bonding you are a amusing plaything to relieve boredom and a broodmare or a stud for future generations of hybrids of which hybrids are potentially more dangerous than the pure strain of vampire or werewolf. 95% of sexual encounters with these species end up with the human partner dead or worse.

This isn't Twilight here.. Edward Cullen is supposed to be a vampire that is hardwired to drink blood and drain you dry like a capri sun drink pouch and have no remorse or guilt for it aside from that he got his Prada shirt and pants ruined and now has to replace it..I read the books and the portrayal of the Volturi and the red eyed vampires is more accurate of a "real" vampire  than the less barbaric and refined Cullen and Denali clans. The whole love story between Edward and Bella was disturbing ways I cant really put into words.. he's by all physical means dead, has been dead 100 odd years, he has no real feelings or emotions.. only remote reminiscences of his past humanity, and goes hunting cougars to satisfy his need for blood instead of giving into his nature to have Bella and they lust after after each other like a crack addict needs a fix. I damn guarantee "cougars" wasn't what he was really hunting after but anyways.. I'd rather know she was getting wild and naked with Jacob Black on the ground in that tent he said and I quote "I'm definitely hotter than you" and at least if they had conceived a baby it wouldn't have used her body like a parasite, broke her body in pieces,forced her to drink blood to keep herself in a deathly sickly state of walking parasitic host until she died having it. I cringed watching her body audibly snap in half right before the mangled C-section birth epidural or anesthetic that I recall seeing either.. sure lets just use our fangs and gut the baby from her catatonic and dying body..she's not going  to feel it considering her spine is snapped at the waist.. lo and behold the hazards of being glamoured by a vampire.. is stated in the Volturi, true blood drinking vampires of all kinds strictly forbid the begetting of children from any other species. Said children are considered unstable and dangerous and a abomination to be gotten rid of. Other types of vampires exist that do not need blood to survive and those vampires do not usually allow species interbreeding either unless the human mate has some type of physical or mental capability that is admired or considered worthy of that kind of status. Most human or other species have to agree to become a vampire in order to be accepted by the rest of the established vampire populace. Vampires are very regal and carry themselves with pride like aristocrats and royalty. Love does not truly exist in the vampire world. Human emotion and any remnants of emotional thought process faded away and died along with their humanity.They put on a damn good act in human society to avoid detection and discovery.

 The glamoured effect is a mind control illusion meant to make the human idolize and fall sick in lust and love with her/his vampire lover or partner. During sexual encounters which are usually forced upon the human victims, you are basically out of this world high on vampire induced mental crack that is a false illusion. I'm sure if your lover bit you and got himself a taste of you while you were clear headed and conscious well you would be seriously not amused and absolutely no way could you soberly look a creature like that in the eyes and willingly consent to get happy with one and breed a happy little family.. That is unless you fancy necrophilia the rest of your life and you are suicidal and want to die and become a soulless and lifeless walking fiend. Vampires are not beautiful, sensual or attractive in any sense of the word. They most definitely do not sparkle and they don't give the Maybelline models a run for their money.          

The Quileute shape shifters are at least more realistic and believable. Legends abound in all Native Tribes all over the world of shape shifters and the ability of merging oneself with a animal's spirit.. The wolves in Twilight have a slightly magical gene gifted to them by a ancestor that causes their reproduction and sexual relations with one only causes a child to be born with a gene passed on from generations of gifted warriors.. on top of that there is the process of imprinting, that is finding the true soul mate meant for not just the man, but it's the woman that keeps the wolf inside from becoming too wild and going feral and taking control of the human side. So the man is not ruled entirely by his animal nature. Seriously imagine if he lost control and the wolf inside came out in the wrong moment?? What kind of carnage would that be like ? I don't want to consider that.. shape shifters have their dangers and moments of possible instability but they are still more human than anything on the worst of days as they keep their human thoughts and conscious ability to think, reason, and make clear decisions along with the wolf being inside their body. It's something like having two voices in your head and the human gets to have more control over the animal. The stronger the human's mind the more control he has of the animal  inside.     

True werewolves? Realistically, no they have absolutely no mind in their transformed state, when they become their wolf forms they have no human conscious or ability to control themselves.. it's all animal. They do not normally have sex or take a mate with normal human females no matter how hot she looks.The human female sadly becomes a appetizing snack because the rampaging werewolf smells food and totally ignores the poor woman's ovulating hormones.
Stories abound of supposed werewolf hybrid children but I have yet to  meet or know of any at least not in my area, and I will say that if that possibility exists it is most likely because the woman or man carried a werewolf gene but never made the transformation correctly or the gene is somewhat dormant and the werewolf saw that she/he was same species as them thus she/he did not become the next meal. Most werewolves appear to have been changed by contact via bodily fluids associated with biting or injuries sustained by somehow winning a fight with one, unless the werewolf had the sole intention of turning the person it attacked for the purpose of recruiting the new werewolf into it's pack. If you are born a werewolf both of your parents have to carry the gene, there are few documentations of werewolf babies born of a werewolf parent and a human partner because usually those families do not get to survive long enough to tell the story.   

Most werewolf documentation I have come across, which is minimal as there aren't many willing to come forward and share secrets like that, actually forbids interspecies mating or taking of human as sexual partners.They would prefer to keep the race as pure as possible. Half bred children are considered a weakness and a defect, because they carry the gene but somehow don't possess the ability to make the full werewolf change, or they are not as strong as a pureblooded werewolf.. they are weaklings and considered unfit and if one is found or known to be existing then I say to the parents you had better be hiding it well because it will be swiftly executed and you along with the child for what would be considered a betrayal against the alpha or your pack including on up to having your entire pack decimated by the higher status packs.

Werewolves appear to have a structured hierarchy of packs and there is one high ranking alpha like a chieftan of his pack, who leads above all others, and several smaller packs with their own leading alphas, and the high alpha is not adverse to exterminating a pack under his dominion that has broken a order and the monitoring of mates and who is in whose pack and why what is going on with them is strictly kept in line. If it is discovered that a undesired mate is in a pack or by chance a questionable birth or mating has taken place especially without approval or permission from the high alpha,.. a entire pack can be slaughtered as a example of what happens when you refuse to obey.

I could seriously go on and on about these types of things. I believe in realism and common sense in creating romance and love stories and making it believable and not some melting pot of out of this world ideas and perceptions of what is perceived as normal and desirable. You want that hot headed alpha werewolf in your bed? Honey you're going be hurting if not dead and a lot more submissive that you would like to be given the chance that you're allowed to live ..How about that super sexy hypnotic vampire? Ok well if you really want to be a mind controlled slave to blood donation, and sickly addicted to necrophilia.. The bed scorching sexy wet dream of that super fine man/woman you had the other night? There's a incubus/succubus stalking it's way onto on your bed with a twisted look on it's face allowing you to enjoy a final moment of bliss before they decides they have had enough playtime and oh it's time for a midnight snack...