Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Chapter 4 started.

So last week I managed to get written 2,723 words into Book 2. I finished chapter 3 and started on chapter 4,titled "Love and Financial Woes and Cures" which is idling on page 2 at the moment. I am waiting patiently for school to start back in another week and that will definitely clear me up some time to write. Here lately I have found myself awake at the wee hours trying to write and that just isn't working for me.  I was supposed to had already finished at least one chapter but between two kids, housework, and other jobs that I do well writing just gets put aside again!!

Chapter 4 is going to focus on  love and financial setbacks and how to  possibly fix and prevent, and get rid of them if you suspect they are caused by bad intentions of others and potential magical warfare. This is a important area of our lives and we do not need bad luck, mishaps, and constant strife and arguments clouding up and destroying our love lives and financial situations! Yes technically it is somewhat a taboo to "fix" your love life and financial means however when all you are doing is going broke, losing money, having bad financial crises, and fighting and screaming with your partner over ridiculous and petty issues and snarling at eachother's throats over every little thing coming and going then yes maybe there might be a real reason behind it aside from just plain old bad luck and your partner is just suddenly not compatible with you anymore.

so into chapter 4 will go some tips, tricks, charms, spells, and magical means of preventing and fixing these areas of our lives and how to possibly send it back and get rid of it if by chance it is coming from a known outside source and is directed specifically at you and your life. Thi is going to be a short post update, I have to go back to the hectic reality that is my home life!! Bright Blessings to All!!   

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Final cover change. I think I have it now!!

Oh the mental stress I have endured trying to find a cover and a title for this book!! how many times I have edited, changed, and re-written things on this cover and finally I have settled on one, and the inspiration was basically sitting right under my nose of course! I'm a Witch, I live on Lone Oak Dr, gee how obvious was that and why did I not think of this before months ago??!! Writing is now well under way too and hopefully I will be finished in a few weeks and preferably I have a personal deadline goal set for the end of this month. For some reason I cannot load a picture of the cover to Blogger as the set up page does not want to work properly but here is the exact one copied from the picture located on my Facebook page The Darkened Path 
I would appreciate some "likes" and shares and etc on my FB page if that wouldn't be much to ask? Also Located in that page is links to my first book located on amazon at   http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FF4HZUE , the print version is also available.

Finishing chapter 3, Book 2.

Well I finally got my arse back into a writing mood again, after a slump of what to write next and how to end chapter 3, as of right now I have 17,421 words done on book 2, and 60 pages finished now, and tonight I wrote 1,342 more words into chapter 3. Book 2 is becoming a painstaking and frazzling process to write and flesh out, I need at least 3 more chapters and at least 60 more pages before it is even decently presentable to be published. Chapter 3 was written for Hex, jinx, curse and uncrossing ritual work, spellwork and information. I am having to go through literally  a shat ton of material from old blogs I have saved, notes, and my personal written spell works, some of which date back over two years ago or longer..

Oh and let me not forget to add in a whole year of my current life to update into the original storyline of "The Darkened Path," series. I have to write out several events and happenings, situations and characters and etc. that have shifted and changed and come and gone like a tornado combined with a sand storm this year. Transformation and change is the theme of my life this year and a hell of a lot has changed and happened for me, in a huge ever evolving scenario of highs and lows and everything n between. I may end up with alot more than 6 chapters. This is going to be a short update..it is now 2:45 am here and I am tired and my eyes are gritty from sitting here so long already. I promise I will be back soon with a better update and Thank you all for being patient with me!!